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❥❤❥ Author Spotlight - C. Kindler ❥❤❥

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A little about C. Kindler

I have lived in Wisconsin for 23 years. I was born and raised in Arlington Hts., Illinois. I am a single mother of three children. I spent most of my life working and caring for my children. After, the youngest one graduated from school, I gave thought to writing a book. I was always told that I had a wild imagination, so, I decided to put it to good use. I absolutely love to read, and surround myself with books. I especially love to read adventure thrillers.

C. Kindler has authored three children’s books, The Adventures of Biker Frog and Lady White Bear: New Beginnings, The Adventures of Biker Frog and Lady White Bear: The Hermit and The Adventures of Biker Frog and Lady White Bear: Revenge of the Widow. Books 1 and 2 each won second place in the Purple Dragonfly Book Awards.

Genre: Children's


The Adventures of Biker Frog and Lady White Bear: New Beginnings - Book One

When Biker Frog rides up to the pond he calls home on his self-built solar-powered motorcycle, he has no idea that his life is about to change forever. After showing the motorcycle off to his friends at the pond, he takes off on a new journey. Shortly, into the journey, he sees a magnificent, black deer with glistening gold antlers and hooves blocking the road. He serves to miss the deer causing him to lose control and crash. When he wakes up, he finds himself in a magical land of different times. There he meets the brave Lady White Bear, who has mistaken him for a powerful warrior. His motorcycle is believed to be a magical beast created by a spell. Soon, Biker Frog will find himself in the adventures of a lifetime, along with Lady White Bear. There is magic, danger, and new adventures throughout the land, and the two will gather friends from all parts of the land.

Amazon US: http://amzn.to/2FIq4ws

The Adventures of Biker Frog and Lady White Bear: New Beginnings


Biker Frog is not content to live by the pond his entire life, he wants to travel, see other places and find adventure. With the help of his friends, he builds a solar powered motorcycle. Once the bike is done, he sets off and boy does he find adventure! Wow, what a concept, so darn cute! The imagery and story line are wonderful. Lady White Bear is a young princess who finds herself in the position of having to save her kingdom, gotta love a strong female character for girls to read about. The story kept me engaged, wanting to know what happened and I liked it enough to want to continue the series. The only thing I would say is it needs some editing, this first book is a bit choppy. 3.5 stars.


The Adventures of Biker Frog and Lady White Bear: Revenge of the Widow - Book Two

Biker Frog is happy about his decision to stay at the castle. He and his solar-powered motorcycle, the Beast, are ready to help Lady White Bear in any way they can. As a royal knight, it is Biker Frog’s duty. As Lady White Bear’s friend, it is an honor to help.

Despite the peace in the land, Biker Frog and Lady White Bear stumble upon a big mystery when they find King Tae captured in a web in the Crooked Tree Forest. Samoen, a fifteen-foot-tall black widow spider, has imprisoned him. To stop Samoen’s rampage and save the kingdom, Biker Frog and Lady White Bear will have to find a sorceress and raise an army!

Amazon US: http://amzn.to/2FtnmvB

The Adventures of Biker Frog and Lady White Bear: Revenge of the Widow


A fifteen-foot spider, oh my holy nightmares! Notellis is once again in trouble. An angry elf with access to a sorcerer’s staff casts a spell turning a black widow into a giant menace. In this book, we see a new side to Lady White Bear, she’s a bit of a trouble seeker, but her heart is in the right place. I really enjoyed this book. There are new characters introduced and lots of excitement and adventure. It does not give a lot of back story from book one, so I would not suggest reading it as a standalone, but I recommend it and look forward to book 3. Again, some editing would be beneficial. 4 stars.


The Adventures of Biker Frog and Lady White Bear: The Hermit - Book Three

Biker Frog is a long way from his old frog pond. In his previous adventures, he has traveled to the land of Notellis and met the brave Lady White Bear and her father, King Dannis. Biker Frog and Lady White Bear have saved Notellis twice from danger and disaster. Their latest adventure will take them out of Castle Bearmor and into the Witchlok Mountains.

Biker Frog, now Sir Biker Frog, thanks to King Dannis, has taken Lady White Bear and their friends Gomer and Henry to shop in a local village. It is there that they first hear the legend of a mysterious hermit. It immediately captures Lady White Bear’s imagination, and she insists that the group venture into the mountains to find the hermit’s cave.

Biker Frog realizes that Lady White Bear wants to trick King Dannis so he won’t worry about her. He reluctantly goes along with the plan, but both will find out that their quest is a lot more dangerous than they had imagined. Will the four friends get out of the mountains alive, or will the hermit prove to be too strong a foe?

Amazon US: http://amzn.to/2GeIUck

The Adventures of Biker Frog and Lady White Bear: The Hermit


In book 2 we met a mysterious stranger, The Hermit. He is a kind soul and only wants to help others, but he wants his identity to remain secret. Our young heroine is far too curious to let that go. Since Biker Frog and his two best friends have been tasked with keeping her safe, they are pulled into her misguided adventure with her. Let’s hope they survive the wrath of an angry king and the mystery that awaits.  A great installment in this wonderful fantasy series. Ms. Kindler I only suggest that you find a beta reader prior to publishing. I have read far worse when it come to editing (or lack thereof) but even a little is distracting. 4 stars.

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