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Windward Secrets Blog Tour

Windward Secrets
Fiction:  Suspense, Mystery

At just over 67,700 words Windward Secrets is a fast paced mystery laced with humor, suspense, and a touch of the paranormal that will make the reader gasp at times, and soften their hearts at other times. 

When Claire McPherson booked Windward Cottage, for the annual reunion with three college friends, her biggest concern was whether they would like the weather-beaten, old Victorian on Cape Cod.  Claire, Diane, Jill, and Caroline are in for more than a little Right and R.   Windward Cottage has its own special powers of seduction.  After 35 years of friendship they thought they knew everything about each other, but the old house draws confessions out of each and leads them unwillingly into a 50-year-old mystery.

What was planned to be a vacation filled with fun, food, and reminiscing turns into one that will change their lives forever.  Who or what is trying to frighten them?  Only one woman’s stubborn determination keeps them at Windward Cottage when common sense tells them to leave.   Fear, danger, and unexplained events connect the four women to each other and to Windward Cottage.  Three of the women find their futures, and one finds her past. 

Readers will recognize someone they know in every character as Windward Secrets heightens their awareness of the heinous crime of human trafficking.

Vickie's Review

** ARC received in exchange for an honest review courtesy of Words Turn Me on Book Blog **

What an exhilarating, nail biting, edge of your seat read! I loved this book! I don't think I have been so scared yet excited at the same time to turn the page in a very long time! It had more twists and turns that I could imagine I just thought I had things figured out and then BAM completely knocked me on my backside! Love it when an author does that! The story is an intricately woven tale with suspense, intrigue and excitement with zero predicatability!

Claire McPherson booked Windward Cottage for the annual reunion with her three college friends Diane, Jill and Caroline. Her biggest concern being whether or not they would like the weather beaten, old Victorian on Cape Cod. Hoping for a week of pure relaxation, good food, good company and catching up but what she didn't bargain for was the old house unleashing her seductiveness pulling them into rooftop confessions, revealing secrets that after 35 years of friendship they thought they about knew everything of each other, and add in a 50 year old mystery that could potentially be life altering. The friends reluctantly take on this mission determined to not be frightened away and embark on a journey of fear, danger and unexplainable events in order to try to solve some pretty heinous crimes.

The story is fast paced and fully deserves 5 stars I literally did not want to put it down. I found the characters connectable and the plot to be well thought out and as I have said zero predictability. Fully recommend to fans of mystery and suspense reads with just a tiny hint of paranormal. A definite must read.

Helen's Review:

4 1/2 stars

This is a tale about 4 women who have been friends since college,30 years of friendship who try to go on a break together yearly. No husbands or children included. What should have been a relaxing break and time for the ladies to catch up becomes an emotional rollercoaster with surprise revelations from some of the ladies, love and loss for others and the finding of a dangerous secret which puts all the ladies in danger as they unravel what some people would kill to remain hidden. Illegal activities uncovered, spiritual guidance, kidnapping, mystery solving, friendships tested and strengthened. The ladies get a lot more than they bargained for this year's break.I liked the way this book was written. The characters are realistic, resilient and I loved the numerous touches throughout. I received an ARC copy of this book in return for an honest review. Would recommend this author.

Blue Velvet
 (Emerson’s Attic Series #1)
Middle-grade historical fiction/adventure.

Smoke and Mirrors
(Emerson’s Attic #2)
Middle-grade historical fiction/adventure.

My name is Kathleen Andrews Davis and I live in the mountains of Central Pennsylvania with my husband and a horde of deer who insist on annihilating any attempts at gardening.   We are empty-nesters with two grown daughters and two beautiful grandchildren.
During my long and varied working life I did business writing including everything from press releases to policy and procedure manuals.  I served as managing editor of an in-house newspaper where I enjoyed every aspect of production including writing, photography, and even dummy layout.  From there, I moved into marketing pieces and business plans.
My favorite venture, however, was fourteen years in the Bed & Breakfast industry.  This was my passion.  When we left our lovely old Victorian it left a hole in my heart and I found myself with an indistinguishable yearning to be more and do more.  The little wheels in my head started turning and it dawned on me, if I liked commercial writing, why won’t I like creative writing?
Becoming a grandmother was the fuel that fed the fire, and I decided to leave my grandchildren a legacy of words that would outlast any other inheritance I could give.
My first two books in the Emerson’s Attic series, for middle-grade readers, were so much fun that I decided to give an adult novel a try.  I love stories about smart, mature women and the characters of Windward Secrets introduced themselves to me when I least expected it.  And so, I have found my new adventure and hope to learn and grow as an author.

The knitting needles have slowed, the flower beds (or what’s left of them) have weeds, my fishing rod leans lonely in a corner of the garage, and I can’t get enough of my grandchildren.

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