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Title: Bedlam: A Twisted Hearts Love Story
Author: Autumn Sand
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: 01-Nov-15
Series: A Twisted Hearts Love Story, book 1
Publisher: Drop One Publications
Cover Designer: Pixel Mischief
Editor: Hot Tree Editing

All I have ever wanted was to feel loved and to have a family of my own. I thought I had that in my 12-year relationship with Ignacio but I couldn’t be further from the truth. Ignacio has gone from my childhood sweetheart to a stranger who sleeps next to me. Long gone is the thoughtful boyfriend he used to be. He is now of one of the largest crime families in the tri-state area. Some despise him; most fear him; I am on the brink of both. Most of my nights are lonely as Ignacio rarely finds his way home to me but then I met HIM. The 6’3” dark haired man with the most brilliant topaz eyes I have ever seen enters my life and turns my world upside down. – Anaya Scott

I never expected the brown-eyed beauty to set my soul on fire. She has become my salvation; my world; my ANGEL. Her light shines bright in my dim life and has given me hope for a future. But there are things from my past that has a grip on me and prevents me from moving forward to a brighter existence with her. Will my secrets and lies destroy us before we have a chance at a fresh start? Or will Ignacio be our ultimate downfall? The one thing that I know is that I will die before I let anything happen to her.- Tony Delaney

AU: http://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B016B1SZ94

** ARC received in exchange for an honest review courtesy of Words Turn Me on Book Blog **

As mafia books go this one to be honest was an enjoyable read if not predicable at times however, that being said there was still enough of a pull in the story to make me continue reading. As with slightly darker reads as to be expected this book does contain violence, covers mental and verbal abuse as well a rape scene that is handled tactfully by the author and infidelity so if readers are easily offend or put off by that then this book isn't for you although I must point out it's not as bad as some I have read.

Anaya has only ever wanted to feel loved and have a family of her own. She thought she had that in her 12 year relationship with her childhood sweetheart Ignacia but he feels more like a stranger. No longer the thoughtful loving boyfriend he is now the head of one of the largest crime families in the tri-state area. Some people despise him and some people fear him; she is on the brink of both. Feeling lonely and unwanted until she met him. Entering her life and turning her world upside down. Tony never expecting to feel the way he does about Anaya believes she is his salvation, his hope at a future his shining light. But when the past and present collide ultimately comes betrayals, secrets, lies and a life altering downfall.

The story is told in dual POV's between Anaya and Tony. I enjoyed the fact that I could read their thoughts and feelings throughout the story. I though the characters were well thought out and the author easily made them connectable the story was ok, good even as there was enough of a pull to continue reading as I have stated some parts were predictable but I'm not claiming that to be a bad thing. I'm awarding the book 3.5/4 stars as I can't make my mind up, as the plot-line built up throughout the book I can't help but feel the ending was a little rushed I think I would have liked more.

I would recommend. A good debut novel and I'll look forward to reading more by Autumn Sand in the future.

People around us are moving fast to the beats of the music, but not him. He’s made his own rhythm. I smell the crisp cleanliness of his shirt, and I inhale him like a drug. I’m feeling high just from the scent of him alone. Placing my hands on his slim waist, I feel his muscles moving through the material of his shirt. I close my eyes and picture a perfect V at the lower part of his abdomen. I want to lick it. I want to lick all of him like a lollipop and possibly, just possibly, take a bite.
~ Anaya Scott

Autumn Sands was born and raised in New York City. Considering herself a true New Yorker in every way from the restaurants that she eats at to the shoe fetish she has. Oh yes at one time Autumn has had a shoe collection of 300 and has the credit card statements to prove it. Other than shoe shopping she has various interests such as reading, writing, and traveling. 
Autumn has worked in the fashion industry for most of her adult life before pursuing writing. She is reluctant to call herself an author but considers herself a person who writes words that people just so happen to like to read. As you can tell Autumn has a sarcastic sense of humor and loves to make her friends laugh in all occasions. She enjoys a good glass of wine but her go to drink of choice is a Jack Daniels and coke with a twist of lime. None of those froufrou girlie drinks for her.

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