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On the morning of August 26, the Tongchuan People's Procuratorate's Party Group Center organized a special seminar on "two studies, one doing" study and education. Zhao Yaguang, the chief procurator of the hospital, presided over and took the lead in making an exchange speech. Members of the leadership team of the hospital participated in the discussion and spoke one by one, [ ... ]

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Conviction of virtual behavior in online games

How grass-roots procuratorates fulfill their duties in poverty alleviation

Exploring the Ways and Methods of Strengthening the Party-building Work of Grass-roots Procuratorial Organs from the "Learning Standards, Observing Regulations, Setting an Example"

Realistic Thinking on Party Members and Cadres in Procuratorial Organizations Respecting the Party Constitution and Maintaining the Party Constitution

Recognize the dangers of corruption and strictly abide by party discipline and regulations and strive to be a qualified party member

Production: Shaanxi Procuratorate