Public interest litigation background

Public interest litigation refers to the system of bringing a lawsuit to a people's court for a specific act or organization that is legally harmful to the state and the public interest. Public interest litigation includes civil public interest litigation and administrative public interest litigation, which are divided according to the nature of the applicable litigation law or the respondent (object); the public interest litigation according to the subject of the litigation can be divided into public interest litigation filed by the procuratorial organ, and other The public interest lawsuits filed by social groups and individuals are called civil or administrative public prosecutions, and the latter are called general public interest lawsuits. The emergence and development of public interest litigation in China reflects the urgent need for public interest protection. The purpose of the public interest lawsuit filed by the procuratorial organs is to urge the administrative organs to administer the law in accordance with the law, strictly enforce the law, maintain the constitutional legal authority, maintain social fairness and justice, and safeguard the national and public interests.