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Feelings after reading "The Shepherd Boys Fantasy Tour"

Release time: September 12, 2019

"When we strive to make ourselves better than we are now, everything around us will become better." This is a word from Brazilian writer Paul Coelho in "The Fantasy Trip of Shepherd Boys", I personally I like it very much. I like not only the words that seem to be like chicken soup, but also the whole book story.

"Fantasy Journey of a Shepherd" is a novel with a very strong allegory, but the narrative is straightforward and the language is poetic. The philosophies contained in it may be inaccurate, but as "1,000 people have 1,000 eyes "Hamlet" generally, I also have my own understanding of this fable. 岁,学习了拉丁文、西班牙语和神学,父母希望他成为一名神甫,成为普通农家的骄傲,而圣地亚哥从孩提时代就喜欢旅行,梦想着去了解世界,父母告诉他在西班牙只有牧羊人才四处游走,于是带着父亲的祝福圣地亚哥成了一名牧羊人。 The protagonist of this book is a San Diego shepherd boy from Brazil. He was 16 years old at the seminary and studied Latin, Spanish, and theology. His parents hoped that he would become a priest and become the pride of ordinary farmers. Santiago loved to travel since he was a child and dreamed of understanding the world. His parents told him that only shepherds were walking around in Spain. So with his father's blessing, Santiago became a shepherd. Santiago embarked on a treasure hunt for the same dream after two consecutive dreams of a treasure trove near an Egyptian pyramid. On the way to find treasure, he encountered strange things that he had never heard of, but also encountered difficult obstacles that he had never thought of, and finally found a real treasure.

In fact, most of us have the same dreams as the shepherd boy. San Diego's dream is to find his dream gold and silver treasures, so he keeps going forward and experiencing unfortunate encounters, but he never forgets why he wants to go. Withstand these setbacks, obey King Salem from the beginning to sell the flock, go through all the hardships, head south, cross the sea to Africa, cross the "Sea of Death" Sahara desert, under the guidance of the alchemist After overcoming all the difficulties in the will and the mind, and finally reached the pyramid, just when I thought San Diego was about to find the treasure, he encountered several robbers who almost killed him. They snatched the most valuable gold coins from San Diego. They Tell Santiago "I have had a dream again and again, go to the fields in Spain, look for a broken church, there is a fig tree next to it, a treasure is buried under the tree" and laugh at Santiago "I'm not as stupid as you, who would How about crossing the entire desert because of a dream? "Eventually Santiago returned to the fig tree next to his home church. A pen that treasure. In fact, unfortunately, a considerable number of people are like the robber they met last time. We had dreams we wanted to realize, but we did n’t act, and the dream became an impossible dream. This is undoubtedly The most regrettable result.

"Man is always afraid to pursue his most important dream, because he feels that he is not worthy of possession, or that he does not have the ability to accomplish it." I think this is the status quo of most young people. Soon after we came out of the ivory tower of the school, we were still very immature in the face of society. The first thing we faced was facing back, we did n’t have enough self-confidence and a strong heart that might fail. San Diego The hardship he encountered on the treasure hunt also made him doubtful, but he chose to cheer himself up and came to a strange country. He taught himself a strange language and helped the crystal shop owner to work. He had a business philosophy and was grateful and practical. In return, through the Sahara, he won the respect of the British, the love of the desert girl, the guidance of the alchemist, and finally won the treasure. I seem to think that the real treasure found in San Diego is not the treasure that was buried under the fig tree next to the church, but that he went on a treasure hunt just to be a treasure dream.

"What is the biggest lie in the world?" "At some point in our lives, we lost our control of life, and destiny dominated our lives. This is the biggest lie in the world." If Santiago began to become a priest and give up understanding of the world Dream, then he will not understand the law of grassland growth, he will not learn the language of a strange country, and he will not go to a remote place in Sahara. If we encounter irregularities in our work and choose to skip directly, that is to choose to give up our initiative and let the next difficulty continue to bring us down, then we ourselves have become synonymous with lies. Or after we worked hard, we did n’t meet our expectations, maybe we did n’t succeed for a while, or we might lose a lot of money, but we learned the experience. This is an invisible treasure that no one can give you. "Without a heart, you will be hurt by pursuing your dreams. When you really desire something, the entire universe will unite to help you accomplish it." San Diego did not give up the treasure because of all the difficulties he encountered, but he was undoubtedly lucky He has the support of his father, the guidance of King Salem, and the guidance of the alchemist. He can talk to the wind, the sand, and the river. These are the steps to treasure hunting. With the help of external forces.

"There is only one thing that makes dreams impossible, and that is to worry about failure." We are afraid of failure, we dare not try and take risks, so we have lost many opportunities for self-improvement, we are afraid of questioning and ridicule, and we are afraid of making changes. The alchemist once said to San Diego, "Go and try it." Life is like an river that can't be stopped. If you have dreams, you must stick to it. If you want to seize the opportunity, you need a firm conviction. Accumulated valuable experience and lessons, this is also an intangible and irreplaceable wealth gained.

(Author: Zhidan County People's Procuratorate Cao Xingyu Editor: Wang Jin)

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