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Provincial Discipline Inspection Commission Supervision Commission Provincial Procuratorate in the Discipline Inspection and Supervision Group for violations of gifts and gifts

Release time: December 13, 2019

029 87398110 (受理时间为:工作日上午 8:00-12:00 下午 14:00-18:00 Call report: 029 87398110 (Acceptance time: 8: 00-12: 00 on working days, 14: 00-18: 00 pm )

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1 Visiting report: No. 1 Xixin Street , Xincheng District, Xi'an

1 号省纪委监委驻省人民检察院纪检组 邮编 710004 Letter report: Discipline Inspection Team of Provincial Discipline Inspection Commission, Provincial People's Procuratorate, No. 1 Xixin Street , Xincheng District, Xi'an, Shaanxi Province 710004

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Address: Shaanxi Provincial People's Procuratorate, No. 1 Xixin Street, Xi'an, Shaanxi Province 710004

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