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Iron Inspection: "Welcome to the National Day and walk without forgetting the beginning of your heart" Shaanxi Iron Inspection and the 2nd Company of China Railway 17th Bureau join hands to celebrate National Day

Release time: September 30, 2019

周年,促进干警身心健康, 927日上午,陕西省人民检察院西安铁路运输分院与中铁十七局集团第二工程有限公司联合举办了以“喜迎国庆健步走、不忘初心快乐行”为主题的迎国庆健步走活动。 In order to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China and promote the physical and mental health of police officers, the morning of September 27 , Shaanxi Provincial People's Procuratorate Xi'an Railway Transportation Branch and China Railway 17th Bureau Group Second Engineering Co., Ltd. jointly organized "Do not forget the beginning of your heart, happy walk" as the theme of the National Day walk. Gao Huiying, member of the branch party group and deputy attorney general, and Hong Feng, secretary of the Party Committee of the 17th Bureau of the Second Company, participated in the event.

点,伴随着明媚的阳光,健步走活动正式开始。 At 10 am, with the bright sunshine, the walking activity officially started. All the iron inspection police officers and cadres and staff members of the 17th Bureau and the 2nd Company in the event held the national flag with great interest and strode forward. 公里健步走,获得个人组第一名的成绩,分院小组在参加活动的3个小组中获得了团体第二的好成绩。 After a fierce competition, Comrade Song Jie, the police officer of the branch, took the lead in completing the 5km walk and won the first place in the individual group. The group's team got the second best group result among the three groups participating in the event. After the event, all the police officers and staff of the 17th Bureau of the Second Company sang songs such as "I and my motherland" and "Today is your birthday", expressing their good wishes to the motherland with a loud voice.

This healthy walking activity is a concrete measure for the branch and the two companies in the 17th Bureau to deepen the work of “inspection and joint construction”. 华诞增光添彩! Branch police officers said that through this walking activity, they further deepened the understanding between the iron inspection police officers and cadres and employees of iron-related enterprises, and enhanced the relationship between the two parties. The state is devoted to the procuratorial work, based on the iron inspection function, actively serving the reform and development of iron-related enterprises, and striving to add glory to the 70th birthday of New China with excellent performance!

(Author: Xi'an, Shaanxi Province People's Procuratorate Branch rail transport Amphion Editor: Wang Jin)

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