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"Case management robot" is here, where should the case administrator go?

Release time: October 24, 2019

智慧时代' ,表明司法和智能科技的进一步融合。” 20178月,我被媒体上的这则消息深深震撼了,当时的第一反应就是有了“案管机器人”,那我们这些案管人是不是就该“下岗了”。 "The People's Procuratorate of Jiangsu Province announced that the 'case management robot' developed by the Jiangsu Procuratorate has been officially launched throughout the province. This is the first intelligent case handling assistance system promoted and used throughout the province by the national procuratorial system, meaning Jiangsu Procuratorate has begun to move towards the "Smart Age", which indicates the further integration of justice and intelligent technology. " In August 2017, I was deeply shocked by the news in the media. The first reaction at that time was the" case management robot " "Should we, the case managers, be" laid off ". With this question in mind, I started to pay attention to the progress of smart inspection. Today, I want to talk about my own opinion on the question of where the case management robot should come from.

I. What is a "case management robot" and why does it come?

Jiangsu "Case Management Robot" is called the Jiangsu Procuratorial Organs 'Intelligent Case Management Assistant System, which is a full-coverage, full-process, full-trace, digital, standardized, and intelligent software platform for prosecutorial organs' case handling, external supervision, and internal management. The "Case Management Robots" that have been launched are subdivided into multiple systems such as big data application platforms, investigation and prosecution, intelligent assistance in case handling, performance appraisal, and physical robots, etc., which currently includes investigation, supervision, prosecution, execution, and case management. Case handling, external supervision and internal management of business departments run through the entire judicial case handling activities of the Department of Public Prosecutions.

The "case management robot" in Jiangsu relies on the unified business application system of the national procuratorate to realize the intelligent management of cases. From a macro perspective, it is one of the products of the smart procuratorial project that the procuratorial organs are pushing forward, and smart procuratorial is the inevitable requirement for advancing procuratorial work in the era of big data. The advent and application of intelligent prosecution products such as "case management robots" are an inevitable product of the in-depth integration of modern science and technology and procuratorial work. It is also a necessary part of the procuratorial organs to actively adapt to the overall requirements of the reform of the judicial system and realize the scientific development of procuratorial work Meaning. Therefore, "case management robots" or "case management robots" are bound to come, which is the general trend.

Second, the advantages and disadvantages of the current "case management robot"

As the first domestic robot product that focuses on the case management scenario and achieves deep integration with the procuratorial business system, the case management function of the "case management robot" integrates intelligent collection and service, intelligent secretary, intelligent statistics, and intelligent analysis. Soon after taking office, professional function applications such as guidance of the case handling process, appointment of defense matters, and electronic file burning were implemented, which effectively simplified the case handling process and promoted one-stop intelligent handling of cases. "The case management robot" effectively broke through the physical and mental limitations of human beings, and endowed the procuratorial work with unprecedented innovation.

However, as a new thing, the time for research and application of "case management robots" is relatively short. Its accuracy and applicability are relatively limited. There is still a gap between the requirements of rigorous judicial work and continuous improvement in practice. The development of artificial intelligence robots cannot replace the role of prosecutors. After all, robots do not have the ability to think, but only to assist the prosecutor's work.

Thinking about how the case manager should act

转变观念,主动拥抱大数据时代。 1. Change concepts and actively embrace the era of big data. At present in China, big data has already penetrated into every aspect of our daily life, which greatly facilitates our work and life, and smart inspection services have marked the entry of China's judicial work into the era of big data. As a window department of the procuratorial organ, the case manager should keep pace with the times, actively adapt to the needs of reform and informatization development, promote the deep integration of science and technology and the procuratorial business, make full use of the advanced concepts, technologies and resources of big data, and continuously improve case management. Scientific, refined and professional level.

理清思路,处理好智慧检务与个人能动性的关系。 2. Sort out your thinking and handle the relationship between smart inspection and personal initiative. We must be clear that the core driving force of smart prosecution is actually people. Smart prosecution not only borrows artificial intelligence, but also stimulates human creativity. This creativity is irreplaceable by artificial intelligence in the short term, and it is also the most needed by the judicial system. While the machine is evolving, we must first accelerate the evolution, otherwise we will change from relying on the machine to becoming a slave to the machine. The role of the Jiangsu Procuratorate in setting a case management robot is intelligent assistance in case handling.

努力作为,不断推进案管业务与科技的融合。 3. Work hard to continuously promote the integration of case management business and technology. The purpose of informatization construction is to apply, no matter the advanced equipment, no matter how good the software is, people must master and use it. 技术”的复合型人才,不断推进案管工作智能化进程。 Facing the new situation, the case manager should attach great importance to the study of informatization, further consolidate the foundation of informatization applications, and strive to improve his own informatization skills. Second, a software, from design to maturity, requires repeated trials and modifications. Whether it can play the expected role requires constant feedback and suggestions from the user. The case manager must apply the software in depth to find problems, and use his own actions to promote the good connection between the software and the actual work. Third, based on the current internal procuratorial organs The shortage of technical personnel, the poor connection between police officers in the business department and the personnel in the technical department, etc. We also need to take advantage of various opportunities to actively take the initiative to study and commit ourselves to becoming a "business + technology" compound talent, and continue to promote case management. Work intelligently.

As the case manager, we must have a deep understanding of the significance of smart prosecution for the future development of the procuratorate, fully understand the huge potential of using big data in the new situation, and take an active role in the spirit of waiting for time to advance and innovate procuratorial work. Development contributes its own strength.

(Author: Xi'an Railway Transport Procuratorate Li Haiyan Editor: Wang Jin)

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