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Analysis on the characteristics and prevention of four new theft methods

Release time: September 06, 2019

Since 2016, the People's Procuratorate of Yanta District of Xi'an has handled 1,105 cases of theft investigation and prosecution, involving 1,346 persons, accounting for 29.41% of all cases of examination and prosecution. Among them, in the past three years, 349 cases, 452 people, 427 cases, 514 people, and 329 cases, 380 people were handled. With the development of the economy and society, such crimes have four new characteristics, and there is an urgent need to strengthen management and control, do a good job of prevention, and safeguard the safety of the people's property.

1. Focus on the "sleepy bug" of Internet cafes

A single or multiple thieves used their mobile phones to "handle the sheep" while the victim was asleep in the early morning or noon, and sold them cheaply. According to statistics, the theft cases handled by the Yanta District Procuratorate in the past three years accounted for 25.16% of thefts in Internet cafes (of which, more than 98% were theft of mobile phones). Such as the theft of Li and other three people in July 2016. At 6 o'clock on April 28, 2016, when Li and his suspect Huzi and Xiaodong went online in an Internet cafe in Shajing Village, they found that the victim ’s mobile phone was charged on the computer desk of his friend ’s Internet. Looking at the wind, Li stole the phone while the victim was sleeping, and then fled the scene to sell the phone for 550 yuan. The identity of the stolen mobile phone was 1618 yuan. Another example is the theft by Wang in June 2017. On the evening of May 14, 2017, the suspect Wang went to an Internet cafe in Yanta District of Xi'an to go online. At about 5 am on the 15th, the king found that the victim was asleep in the toilet. He stole a mobile phone placed on his computer desk and fled the scene. He sold the stolen mobile phone for 250 yuan that afternoon. It was identified that the stolen mobile phone was worth 1,700 yuan.

2. Aim at the masses, "E-Donkey", and cut the chains "a ride in the dust"

Some criminals choose residential quarters, underground garages, colleges and universities, street corners and roadsides, and there are also “hit time differences” when the delivery staff goes upstairs to deliver goods, stealing valuable electric bicycles. According to statistics, the theft cases handled by the Yanta District Procuratorate in the past three years accounted for 13.07% of the theft of electric bicycles. Such as the theft of Yao in January 2018. At 16:00 on July 3, and at 15:00 on the 6th, the criminal suspect Yao Mou and Zhang Mou (fleeing on the Internet) have successively rushed to the gate of a community in Tuanjie South Road, Yanta District, Xi'an, and sent the victims On the occasion of takeaway, two electric cars were stolen. Upon evaluation, the two electric vehicles were valued at RMB 3,400 and RMB 4,500. Another example is Zhang's theft case handled in August 2018. At about 4 o'clock on June 5, 2018, the suspect Zhang came to a village in a city and found a red electric car with unlocked wheels. Then he opened the front cover of the car with a screwdriver and turned on the vehicle. Riding away after the line, the car was captured by the police when it fled to the Jinye Road and the West Second Ring Cross.

Third, find the car "new target", smash glass to steal property

Some criminals choose cars parked at roadsides, underground garages, etc. as the targets of crimes. By smashing the window glass, they steal the property in the car, such as Chinese tobacco, Moutai, laptops, cash and other properties. According to statistics, in the theft cases handled by the Yanta District Procuratorate in the past three years, 7% of the theft of property through smashing car glass. Such as the theft of Liang in March 2016. On October 31, 2015, at 2 am, and on January 7, 2016, at 4 am, Liang was seven times in Yaotou South Lane, Tangyan Road, and other places in Yanta District, Xi'an. He will stop at 7 on the roadside. The co-pilot of the car and the glass of the rear window car shattered and stolen cash, laptops, Moutai, Zhonghua Tobacco and other properties, worth more than 15,000 yuan.

4. Pay attention to "WeChat", "Alipay", and "Peep" password transfer to make money

Some criminals use various reasons to obtain the victim's mobile phone password, use WeChat change, QQ wallet, operate Alipay, "micro particle loan" and other loan platforms, and then transfer to their account to steal other people's property. According to statistics, the theft cases handled by the Yanta District Court in the past three years accounted for 7.6% of the theft of property through the above methods. Such as the theft of Liu in August 2018. At 13:00 on April 21, 2018, the suspect Liu returned to the victim's rented house temporarily, while the victim's mobile phone was placed on the bed to charge, the victim's mobile phone was stolen and the taxi was taken. Escape, and then use the victim ’s mobile phone startup and WeChat payment password that was previously learned to cash out RMB 1,900 from the victim ’s WeChat wallet through the taxi driver to pay 1,600 yuan, pay 200 yuan for the taxi fee, and use the remaining 100 yuan for online consumption; Transfer the victim's WeChat bank card to transfer 2550 yuan; sell the mobile phone for 600 yuan.

After analysis, such crimes show the above new characteristics, mainly based on the following reasons: First, the upgrading of payment functions has objectively led to the loss of survival soil by traditional theft methods. In the past, cash payment was the main method. Since the rise of payment methods such as WeChat and Alipay, foods that are as small as a few dollars and items that are as large as a few thousand dollars have become more used to sweeping payments, and carrying less cash, traditional theft methods Lost use. The second is the negligence or overconfidence of some people, which provides subjective opportunities for criminals. Some people go online in internet cafes, stop electric cars and mobile phones, and use mobile phones. They take it lightly, do not pay attention to the surrounding environment, do not pay attention to the surrounding people, do not properly keep their belongings, and leave criminals with opportunities. Eventually bring some property. loss. Thirdly, under the influence of narrow money views such as money worship and fast earning money, the gentleman's way of loving money is shaken in some people's ideas. Some people are affected by various narrow concepts of money, become delicious and lazy, and have a sense of luck. They just want to smash the good things that fall from the pie in the sky to their own heads, and even heed these illegal transactions to make money. s method.

In order to effectively prevent and control such crimes, the procuratorial organs recommend: First, strengthen the control of key parts of important places. To make full use of the existing monitoring equipment, Internet cafes should strengthen management, especially to increase their control over night and noon peaks. Merchants must keep a close watch on our cashier counters for 24 hours. Public security agencies must fully deploy their power and pay attention Precise management and control of the above sites. The second is to take good care of valuables. Individuals should keep their mobile phones well and strictly protect all kinds of passwords. Cars and electric cars must be locked to prevent theft. The third is to bring more public space into the scope of monitoring. Especially in the places where vehicles and electric vehicles are stored, we must strengthen the monitoring of videos and cameras, rely on big data and artificial intelligence, and strive to create an atmosphere that dares not steal, cannot steal, and must be caught, and fundamentally reduce the theft of cases Promote comprehensive social governance. The "Xueliang Project" that Xi'an is pushing forward is a useful attempt in this regard. The fourth is to do a good job with the case. Pay attention to the development of new technologies, summarize and refine typical cases, and let the masses recognize, spot, and have the ability to identify early, avoid being deceived, and do their best to protect the safety of their property.

(Author: Yanta District People's Procuratorate Feng Lian-year-old editor: Zhu Changying)

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