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Meet thanksgiving

Release time: December 31, 2019

Thanks for helping

Help is you want to harvest a ray of spring breeze, but he gave you the whole spring, it is you want to hold a wave, but he gave you the whole ocean. Help is your partner's outstretched hands when you climb to exhaustion, and it is your firm and warm support when you can't keep up.

Thanks for parting

Some partings are for reunion, some partings are for growth, and some partings are forever. Sudden parting will make you discover that some people have turned into a beam of light. Perhaps because he symbolizes kindness, warmth, courage, and strength, the glory persists. Real parting makes sad memories ... Fortunately, parting is the end and the beginning; it is pain and hope.

Thanks friends

Friends don't have to meet every day, but they sing and sing together when you are lost. It is a joy when you are happy, a urge when you are lazy, a reminder when you are proud, a reminder when you make a mistake, and a companion when you forge ahead. Is a high degree of spiritual fit.

Meet thanksgiving

Thanks for the text you have read, the music you have listened to, the beauty you have seen, the deep and graceful charm of the text, the life force of music, the unique aesthetic experience, and the infiltration of wisdom, such as the moonlit mountain stream and silent shadow .


The years are the naughty crow's feet that are naughty in the corners of the eyes, the years are the fatigue of the body that can be gradually noticed, the years are the mixed flavors of life, the eyes that are suddenly opened to look around, the sunlight shining through the cracks, and the moment Clouds are bright and bright.

Days are silent, just like water droplets disappear into the sea. The days are magnificent again, because some drops of water are shining with colorful brilliance. Thanksgiving every day, because she is unique, because she is doomed to who we are. Thanksgiving for the bitterness and sweetness in life, these tastes gradually precipitate into the memories of life, long-lasting and evocative ...

检察官管理处郭艳娟 编辑:祝长英) (Author: People's Procuratorate prosecutor Administration of Shaanxi Province Guo Yanjuan Editor: Zhu Changying)

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