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You young, come and protect the world

Release time: November 15, 2019

In recent years, school bullying has been a youth growth issue that the whole society pays close attention to. The film "You of the Youth", while showing the real youth world, insists on "anti-bullying and anti-violence". It is a rare realistic masterpiece to protect the growth of young people in recent years. In the film, Xiao Bei has always guarded Chen Nian who was bullied on campus. Chen Nian's dream is to protect the world, but Xiao Bei's dream is to protect Chen Nian.

Chen Nian: "I want to study, test, and go to school. I want to be the smartest person, and if I can, protect the world."

The prosecutor of the Yiyi Procuratorate: "You are responsible for protecting the world, I am responsible for protecting you; give us the bad guys, and you just need to be responsible for the wonderful."

If Chen Nian met us early, there might not be a story behind it. The old school bullying seems to be very close to us. Whose childhood was not spent in harassment. It seems to be far away from us. Bullying is not harassment. It is a kind of bullying and insult. A simple sentence from others: It was all played with you, but it was impossible to erase the thorn in the hearts of children, and even some people learned to heal and redeem their entire lives.

Juvenile and protection are eternal topics. Guarding this original heart and shouldering such a mission, the procurator of Yiyi protects the juvenile in the flower season with his sincerity, love, and perseverance, so that you young people will no longer protect themselves as adults. Self-esteem and pride are our eternal promise.

Protect the innocence of young people with sincerity. 年鄠邑检察人已经深入10多所中小学校开展了“防欺凌、防性侵法制讲座”。 Looking at a pair of young but flickering eyes, in 2019 , the Yiyi prosecutors have conducted "Legal Prevention and Sexual Assault Lectures" in more than 10 primary and secondary schools. The letter of appointment of the deputy principal of the French legal system, a letter to the parents, and procuratorial suggestions are all a kind of guardianship. I hope we can use our sweat in exchange for your innocence and guard your happiness and freedom.

Heal the youth's vulnerability with love. The unprosecuted police officers watched the victim's synchronized recordings time and time again. The left-behind children and the children in distress are the high-incidence crowds. It is our duty to bring the devil to justice. Here we warn the murderers who are trying to invade the children: "Be born, please be kind!"

Support the youth's peace with perseverance. 余次校园安全检查、 30余次校门口周边食品安全和文化健康检查、 20余次校车安全检查都留下了我们鄠邑检察人的身影,拿什么守护你们,我们的孩子们,我们只有尽我们所能让你们健康、安全的成长,希望你们不负众望,我们也会一直坚守。 More than 50 campus safety inspections, more than 30 food safety and cultural health inspections around the school gate, and more than 20 school bus safety inspections have left us as the prosecutors of Yiyi. What to guard you, our children, we can only do everything What we can make you grow up healthily and safely, I hope you live up to expectations, and we will always stick to it.

In this world, there are not only two kinds of people that Xiaobei said are "people who are not capable of being bullied and people who are capable of being bad." There are also people in this world who, like us, guard your growth with their original heart and mission. Human efforts will make you younger no longer sad, helpless, and no more mistakes.

安市鄠邑区人民 检察院 李萌 编辑:祝长英) (Author: Hu Yi District, Xi'an City People's Procuratorate Li Meng Editor: Zhu Changying)

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