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Family style recalls loved ones

Release time: November 12, 2019

Family style, also known as door style, refers to the style and lifestyle of the family or family, which is the style of a family.1212日会见第一届全国文明家庭代表时讲话指出: 家风是社会风气的重要组成部分。家庭不只是人们身体的住处,更是人们心灵的归宿。家风好,就能家道兴盛、和顺美满;家风差,难免殃及子孙、贻害社会。广大家庭都要弘扬优良家风,以千千万万家庭的好家风支撑起全社会的好风气。 General Secretary Xi Jinping spoke in a meeting with the first National Civilized Family Representative on December 12 , 2016 , stating: " Family style is an important part of social atmosphere. Family is not only a place where people live, but a place where people live. If it is good, the family will be prosperous and the harmony will be good; if the family is poor, it will inevitably be harmful to the children and grandchildren. The majority of families must promote the good family style and support the good atmosphere of the whole society with the good family style of millions of families. "

Every family has its own style, and our family is no exception. If we want to talk about the style of our family, we have to start with my grandpa. 熬相公My grandpa was born in Xiangfen County, Shanxi Province in the early years of the Republic of China. When he was a teenager, he went from his hometown to a tea shop in Yuncheng, Shanxi. 熬相公是我们老家土话,就是给人当学徒,以学手艺为主,东家管吃管住但不给工钱。 " Bangxianggong " is our native dialect, that is, to be an apprentice, mainly to learn craftsmanship, but the family manages but not pays wages. Grandpa worked hard and was smart and learned in his hometown. He learned all the skills to open a tea shop in a few years. 熬相公期满后,爷爷在运城开了一家自己的茶叶铺,小本买卖诚信经营,很受当地百姓欢迎。 After the expiry of the " Bang Xianggong " period, Grandpa opened his own tea shop in Yuncheng. The small book business operated with integrity and was very popular with local people. Later grandpa married my grandma and gave birth to my father, but in that turbulent era, the common people's desire for peace was always a luxury. In order to avoid war, the year before the founding of New China, grandpa and grandmother took their young father through hardships and hardships and moved their family from Yuncheng to Xi'an. 年国家开展社会主义改造搞公私合营,爷爷从此进入了国营西安市钟楼茶叶店工作直到退休。 After arriving in Xi'an, Grandpa continued to open a tea shop on the social road next to the Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. In 1956 , the state launched a socialist transformation to engage in public-private partnerships. Grandpa then entered the state-run Xi'an Bell Tower Tea Shop until his retirement. 年代初,改革开放后退休在家的爷爷闲不住,响应国家号召再次开起了自家的茶叶店,直到1999年他老人家永远的离开了我们…… In the early 1980s, the grandfather who retired at home after the reform and opening up couldn't help, and in response to the national call, he opened his own tea shop again. Until 1999 , his elderly man left us forever ...

熬相公起一直到去世, 勤奋两个字就贯穿了他老人家的一生。 Grandpa's life was from the time he died, until he died. 勤奋二字就是我们家的第一条家风。 Although he has not attended school and received formal education, his old man has been diligent and diligent in his life. Through his own hands, our family has a happy and happy life. Therefore , the word " diligent " is our first home. wind.    

勤奋外, 好学这两个字也是他老人家的标签之一。 In addition to " diligent " , the word " hard to learn " is also one of his elderly labels. 熬相公的时候,他每天起早贪黑,在东家如饥似渴的学习着有关茶叶的各种知识。 When Grandpa was " successful " , he got up early every day and was greedy for darkness. He was eager to learn various knowledge about tea in his family. What is green tea? What is black tea? What is black tea? What is white tea? What is yellow tea? What is flower tea? How to keep tea? How to calculate and remember? How to figure out the psychology of customers? How to communicate with customers? How does a tea shop operate? Wait, these are the things you need to learn. It is through his diligence and hard work that Grandpa has learned all the knowledge to operate a tea shop, and this has everything that came after our family.        

诚信When Grandpa runs his own tea shop, the two most important words are " honesty " . 诚信为先。 Regardless of whether he is doing business or living, Grandpa always puts " good faith " first. 正是因为诚信有加,我们家茶叶店得到了附近群众的一致认可,大家都说: 买茶叶就去老邓家! Sincere hospitality is honesty, legal business is honesty, full tax payment is honesty, not short of weight is two, honesty is not good, goodness is not goodness, and not asking for price is goodness ... It is precisely because of good faith, our tea The store was unanimously approved by the people nearby, and everyone said, " Go to the old Deng's house when you buy tea! "

Tea can smell, which we all know. Opening a tea shop is the most afraid of tea taste, because once the tea taste changes, it can not be sold. In order to prevent the tea from smelling, Grandpa never used any skin care products. Even in the cold winter, even if his hands were frozen and cracked, Grandpa never wiped his hands with oil, for fear of changing the taste of the tea. 自律精神,确保了我们家茶叶的优良品质,赢得了广大顾客的认可。 It is precisely this kind of strict " self-discipline " spirit that ensures the excellent quality of our tea and has won the recognition of our customers.

勤奋、好学、诚信、自律 ,是爷爷一生的人生写照,这是他老人家留给我们全家的宝贵精神财富。 " Diligent, hard-working, honest, and self-disciplined " is a life portrayal of Grandpa's life. This is the precious spiritual wealth left by his elderly family to our family. Today, it has been 20 years since Grandpa left us, and I have also changed from being a son to being a father. Looking back at my grandfather's bumpy life and self-improving struggle experience, summing up the family style and inheriting it, is exactly what I need to do now. 勤奋、好学、诚信、自律的家风教育孩子使他受益终身! Start with the things around you, set a good example and role model for your child in life, honor your parents, care for your family, work hard, and educate your child with a family style of " diligence, hard work, integrity, and self-discipline " to benefit him for life!

(Author: Deng Jun swimming Xi'an People's Procuratorate Editor: Zhu Changying)

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