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Taking root in mountain villages to help alleviate poverty

Release time: August 01, 2019

They all say that soldiers are the cutest people, because they can keep the motherland's entrustment and the safety of the people in mind, and they can cast iron bones to protect the city. Soldiers, the world recognizes you, the motherland needs you more, and the flames of war In the era, soldiers were required to carry guns to fight wars and sacrifice blood for the liberation of the country; in the era of white pigeons flying, soldiers were required to defend the motherland and guard peace.

Comrade Song Suolin, the captain of the judicial police brigade of the People's Procuratorate of Fengxian County, was a soldier serving in a unit of the Chinese People's Liberation Army before entering the work of the procuratorate. Therefore, he has the spirit of soldiers who are not afraid of hard work. Over the past 30 years, he has worked hard, as always, in assisting anti-corruption investigations, enforcing subpoenas, and other coercive measures, or in detaining and caring for criminal suspects.5月以来,他又开始担任凤县人民检察院驻倒回沟村第一书记的职务,他始终以一名共产党员、一名退伍军人应有的使命感和责任感,不断提升村民的获得感、幸福感和安全感。 Since May 2018 , he has also served as the first secretary of Fengxian People's Procuratorate in Huigou Village. He has always improved the villagers' sense of mission and responsibility with a communist and a veteran. A sense of gain, happiness, and security.

At the end of the interview, he was an "investigator" of social opinion and public opinion. After staying in the village, in order to accurately grasp the first-hand information and find out the basic situation of the Huigou Village, he compiled the "Basic Situation of Poor Households" and "Industrial Situation of Poor Households", etc., and carried out in-depth investigations. In order to do a good job of accurately identifying the "poor households", he and other members of the four branches of the village got up early and became gangsters. In the past month, he traveled to every poor household in the village to understand the causes of poverty and the existing difficulties of the poor households, and listened to the masses. Opinions and suggestions on getting rid of poverty in the whole village. 年脱贫攻坚产业发展规划》。 At the same time, he quickly formulated plans for development, climbed wasteland to drill forests, watched breeding, went to seedlings to investigate and plant, and went to farmers to talk about poverty alleviation. He mastered the village ’s infrastructure and industrial development, and pinpointed the focus of assistance and work in the village. The breakthrough point clarified the thinking of the work, and formulated the "Development Plan for Poverty Alleviation and Tackling Key Industries in 2017-2020 " in a targeted manner.

He really works hard, and he is a "caring person" for the difficult masses. 年唐藏镇优秀共产党员荣誉称号。 Since working in the village, he has always been assured of the villagers, and has been unanimously praised by the villagers returning to Gougou Village, and has been awarded the title of Outstanding Communist Party Member of Tangzang Town in 2018 . In the dormitory of the Village Happy Village, villagers come to the house every week to ask questions about the policy, often chatting for an hour or two. He himself couldn't help feeling: we must really walk to the masses with emotions, and then the common people will treat you as our own. When the villagers were worried about the breeding of bee breeding technology, he discussed with the village resident member of the Baoji Vocational and Technical College, Wang Wei, and hired experts in breeding bee breeding to the village to collectively organize the poor households of the breeding bee breeding and the poor households with development will. Training; When potatoes, radishes, fungus, honey, and other poor households are in the sales period, and they are suffering from a lack of sales, he visits restaurants and hotels in the county on weekends to find sales for the poor households; Peng's son Chen Jiajia was physically paralyzed. When he needed to go to the county for regular inspections, he gave up the holidays and drove dozens of kilometers to receive Chen Jiajia for treatment at the county hospital and accompanied him throughout the process. Through hard work, villagers have increased their trust in the party and yearning for a happy life.

With all his help, he is a "leader" in getting rid of poverty and getting rich.5月至今,帮贫困户销售木耳200余斤、土豆5000余斤、土蜂蜜800余斤,为贫困户增收1500元以上。 In order to solve the problems of villagers' difficulty in breeding and marketing, and difficulty in obtaining information, he has actively docked with the catering hotels and supermarkets in the county. Since May 2018 , he has helped poor households sell more than 200 kg of fungus, 5,000 potatoes, and 800 honey. Increase the income of poor households by more than 1,500 yuan. 余份,对村上爱心超市捐赠物品2000余元。 And through docking Xiaowu Hotel, Boxing Bookstore and other social organizations and caring people, donated love materials to the Huigou Village. So far, it has donated more than 100 noodle oils and donated more than 2,000 yuan to the Murakami Love Supermarket.

"The village looks at the village, the households look at the household, the masses look at the party members, and the party members look at the branch. Residents work in the village and deal with the villagers every day. . This is what the first secretary said, and he did. He is just an ordinary member working in a poor village, and doing real "ordinary things" in ordinary posts, but these "ordinary things" have been recognized and affirmed by the villagers. In this regard, he is not arrogant and impatient, and still works and works hard in his ordinary post ...

(Author: Liu Yang Feng County People's Procuratorate Editor: Wang Jin)

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