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The jasmine of the black front

Release time: July 10, 2019

There is a beauty prosecutor in the People's Procuratorate of the Chang'an District of Xi'an. Her slender figure, black shawl, long hair, big eyes, and gentle voice. What flower should be used to describe her? I thought about it for a long time, and suddenly a scent of jasmine drifted by. Yes! 向静。 She is like jasmine, beautiful but not flamboyant, pleasant fragrance, but quietly blooming, she is today's hero - Xiang Jing.

Xiang Jing is a typical Chongqing girl. She has a good face and looks gentle and weak, but she is very firm in heart and she is serious about her work. Maybe you see her at first glance does not associate her with "anti-crime and anti-evil", but she is really a member of the special team of the Chang'an Procuratorate handling black and evil cases, and she is also handling major cases in the hospital Team leader.

At work, Xiang Jing is full of achievements. 被省检察院通报嘉奖。 She was named "Top Ten Prosecutors in Investigation and Supervision of the City" for two consecutive terms, and was selected into the Provincial Investigation and Supervision Talent Pool , and was notified by the Provincial Procuratorate. She wrote many French-Tianjin documents and was rated as the city's outstanding legal documents, compiled into a volume as a model.

Since the start of the special struggle to eliminate gangsters, she has accepted arrangements in the court, without stressing conditions and difficulties, and has carried on with a lot of burdens and handled many cases involving gangsters and evils. In the process of handling the case, she scrutinized and scrutinized carefully, captured the hidden problems from an ordinary criminal case, communicated with the public relations organs in time, and set out a detailed supplementary investigation outline, and required the public security organs to continue the supplementary investigation. The case investigation verified the implementation of other criminal facts and the persons involved. At present, this case has been re-identified as a case involving evil by the public security organs. In order to ensure that cases involving black and evil are handled accurately and in accordance with the law, she timely discovered and corrected illegal acts in the handling of public security organs, issued a notice of correction of violations to the public security organs, and issued six procuratorial recommendations to the public security organs and judicial administration agencies. Responsiveness and implementation of relevant departments have provided guarantee for timely and accurate handling of cases involving triad and evil. 宗、追诉漏犯4人,追捕漏犯9人。 So far, she has prosecuted 6 cases of crimes involving black crimes, 4 criminals, and 9 criminals.

People who know her say she has lost weight recently. Yes, she has been working overtime for almost two months. It is normal for her to go out to work at seven in the morning and go home from work at ten in the evening. During this time, she had no weekends, and she was always in the office by phone every day. 点多,向静才从专案组办案点回到院里,我忍不住问她:“这么晚,你回家都几点了?”她笑笑说:“这个点回家不堵车, 1个小时就到了吧,哎,但是回家估计我姑娘就睡着了,我已经快一个星期没见过她醒来的样子,没抱着她,听她叫我妈妈了。”她说完,我眼圈都红了,我看她赶忙转过头去,和我挥手再见,便匆忙离开了。 I was on duty that night, and at 9 o'clock in the evening, Xiang Jing returned to the hospital from the case handling team. I couldn't help asking her: "What time are you going home at this night?" She said with a smile: "This Order to go home without traffic jam, it will be an hour, hey, but I guess my girl fell asleep when I went home. I haven't seen her waking up for almost a week. I didn't hold her and listened to her calling my mother. After she said it, my eyes were red. I watched her quickly turn her head, waved goodbye to me, and hurried away.

Xiang Jing is not an iron man. Even her physical health is not as good as that of ordinary people. She also knows that she is tired and sleepy, but the case is in hand and the responsibility is on her shoulders. She has no regard for these. Ten criminal suspects who were brought up for trial in a detention center at one time, she continued the trial from 9 am to 5 pm. She just ate something casually at noon and could not take a rest at all. When the seventh person was asked, When the clerk returned the suspect to the prison room, she was so tired that she was exhausted on the trial table. The clerk came back to see her, and couldn't bear to ask: "Xiang, can we continue? There are three others." She hesitated and said, "Let me rest for ten minutes, let's continue." In her opinion, the case As big as sky.

This season, Jasmine has begun to bloom, it is so small, but the refreshing fragrance stays for so long. The prosecutors on the black front, like this jasmine, work silently, but the side they protect is safe, but it makes the people living here happy and happy ...

西安市长安区人民检察院李洁楠编 辑:祝长英) (Author: Chang'an District of Xi'an People's Procuratorate Li Jienan Editor: Zhu Changying)

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