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Martial arts: Pleasant confession and punishment in illegal cigarette case

Release time: January 15, 2020

人跨省非法经营卷烟案起诉至武功县人民法院,这是该院办理的系列非法经营卷烟案中的一宗。 Recently, the People ’s Procuratorate of Wugong County sued a 15- person case of illegally operating cigarettes across the province to the People ’s Court of Wugong County, which is one of a series of cases of illegally operating cigarettes handled by the court.

After several months of cross-provincial investigation and evidence collection by public security organs, the case was worth tens of millions of yuan, with more than forty files, electronic data evidence was intertwined and complicated, and the task of review and prosecution was arduous. The prosecutor undertook strict factual, procedural, evidence and law application, worked overtime to review the files, went to several detention centers to interrogate the criminal suspects, material evidence, documentary evidence, witness testimony, confession and justification of the criminal suspects, Identified transcripts, appraisal opinions, electronic data, audio-visual materials and other evidence, conducted a careful and meticulous review and combing, and wrote more than one hundred pages of the "Prosecution Case Closing Report" day and night. 名犯罪嫌疑人已自愿认罪认罚,部分嫌疑人家属主动退赃。 Because the facts were found to be objective, the applicable law was accurate, and sentencing recommendations were appropriate, 14 of them had voluntarily pleaded guilty and pleaded guilty, and some of the suspects' families took the initiative to return the stolen goods.

35人,以事实不清、证据不足不批准逮捕33人,已起诉217人,纠正漏诉1人,已判决12人,涉案金额累计4500余万元。 A series of cross-provincial illegal cigarette business cases handled by the People's Procuratorate of Wugong County reviewed and approved the arrest of 7 35 people. The facts were unclear and the evidence was insufficient to approve the arrest of 3 3 people. 2 17 people have been prosecuted and 1 person has been corrected. One person and two persons have been judged, and the total amount involved is more than 45 million yuan.

The confession and punishment leniency system is a major institutional change in China's criminal justice field, which reflects the modernization of the criminal procedure system. This system is conducive to resolving social contradictions, promoting social harmony, reducing social confrontation, saving judicial resources, and ensuring handling of cases. The organic unity of legal, political, and social effects. 万元,有效地维护了市场经济秩序。 In the course of handling the case, the court adhered to the criminal justice policy of leniency and strictness, proactively applied the confession and punishment leniency system, and eliminated the feelings of confrontation between some suspects and their families. At present, three families of the suspects have returned 252,000 yuan. , Effectively maintaining the order of the market economy.

武功县人民检察院魏蓉 编辑:祝长英) (Author: martial arts County People's Procuratorate Wei Rong Editor: Zhu Changying)

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