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Mihara: Examination of the emblem flickering, watching for justice, uniting one's heart and eliminating evil

Release time: May 06, 2019

Since the start of the special campaign to fight against evil, the Sanyuan County People's Procuratorate has, under the strong leadership of the county party committee and the city academy, under the strong supervision and support of the county people's congress, county government, and county CPPCC, carefully implemented the spirit of the important instructions of General Secretary Jinping and The Central Committee of the Party decided to make decisions, further promoted the special struggle against gangsters, and adopted effective measures to severely punish a group of gangsters and criminals in accordance with the law, achieving staged results. As of April 30, 2019, a total of 42 suspected criminal suspects involved in black crimes were arrested, 6 were released on bail, and 17 people were filed in court.

Promote political standing, strengthen responsibility and strengthen supervision

In 2019, the party team of the People's Procuratorate of Sanyuan County put forward higher requirements for special struggles, requiring political positions to be further enhanced, the main responsibility to be further consolidated, and the quality of case handling to be further improved. Party Secretary and Procurator General Yang Yin has presided over the Party group meetings on several occasions to study and deploy anti-crime work and set out clear requirements for handling cases involving gangster-related and evil-related activities. Not vertical. At the beginning of the special struggle, the Leading Group and its office of the special struggle against crimes and evils, headed by the chief prosecutor, were quickly established, and four plans including the comprehensive management of the special struggle against crimes and crimes of the Sanyuan County People's Procuratorate were issued. Procuratorial organs have carried out a specific plan for intensifying the special campaign to combat crime and eliminate evil. Established 18 work systems for information reporting, regular reporting, case handling, confidentiality, etc., signed 56 three-level responsibility commitments, fixed a publicity vehicle for special campaigns for combating evil and eliminating evil, 2 reporting boxes, reporting telephones, and reporting mailboxes One for each, compile and issue 14 briefings on special struggles, in-depth community, villages, and markets to publicize legal knowledge on anti-crime activities 15 times, conduct 5 lectures on special anti-crime knowledge, make 56 banners and display boards, and issue publicity More than 4,500 copies of materials, making full use of the official website and intranet, WeChat, Weibo, today's headlines and other new media platforms, original, reprinted 35 anti-evil work and dynamics, with more than 16,300 clicks. The court visited more than 100 people's deputies and CPPCC members throughout the county, solicited opinions and suggestions for 17 articles, and adopted 13 articles.

Establish and improve the guidance mechanism for personal supervision. Prosecutor Zhang Bing personally handled the case of 18 persons, including Li Mou, who was supervised by the Provincial Court. Nine people including Yang, assigned by the city court, and two people involved in 26 cases involving evil, such as Feng Moumou transferred by the Sanyuan County Public Security Bureau, will be drawn from the backbone of the investigation and public prosecution departments to form a task force to quickly arrest and ensure that Case quality. The court, together with the county court and the county public security bureau, jointly formulated the "Coordination Mechanism on Several Issues Concerning the Handling of Crimes by Evil Gangs", and worked with the public security organs to further promote the 11 joint meetings of the special struggle to combat crime and eliminate evil, and to study in depth the problems encountered in the special struggle. Practical difficulties and problems. On this basis, the legal and policy boundaries that are grasped in terms of the structure, establishment time of criminal underworld-type organizations, identification standards for evil forces, "soft violence", and illegal application of illegal loans and crimes are clearly defined.

Improve the working mechanism, focus on crackdown, and focus on deep investigation

Always adhere to the case handling as the center, and clarify that black and evil cases are subject to process monitoring by the case management department, which is controlled from the source, so that it is accepted on the same day and distributed on the same day, while ensuring the lawyer's right to participate. In response to the fact that the cases have entered the review and prosecution process, we coordinated the deployment of case management forces, implemented “full coverage” in advance, strictly controlled the objectivity, legality, and relevance of evidence, and guided investigative agencies to collect, fix, and improve evidence around the constituent elements of crime. Settle disputes during the investigation and reduce the proportion of cases returned for supplementary investigation. Further deploying capable forces and enriching the front line of handling cases, and on the premise of ensuring the quality of the case, we will fight fast and catch a lawsuit. Strengthen the awareness of evidence and procedures, do not lower the index to handle cases, do not artificially raise and handle several cases, do not downgrade, handle human cases, and ensure the accuracy and accuracy.

Focusing on the focus of the special struggle, combining local realities, focusing on the crimes of the evil forces that endanger political security and social security, strengthened early intervention in investigations, guided evidence collection, fast arrest and prosecution according to law, and severely punished a group of evil forces Criminals. In order to ensure that the requirements of "deep digging and thorough investigation" put forward by the central government are implemented, the court takes clue investigation as an important basic and routine task to advance the struggle, and organizes investigative and prosecution departments to handle cases handled in the past five years. Carry out "look back" and conduct back-up investigations on 10 types of ordinary criminal cases, including deliberate injuries, illegal detentions, provocations, etc., and obtain clues about crimes involving blackness and evil through combing back-up investigations and mass reports.

In handling the criminal case of 7 persons suspected of illegal detention by gangs such as Li and the criminal case of suspected illegal detention by gangs of 3 by Feng and others, the investigation found that there might be a criminal crime behind it, and submitted a detailed supplementary investigation plan to the public security organ in a timely manner. Earnestly carry out the guidance and evidence collection work, and finally unearthed one case of crimes of organized crime and evil forces.

Strengthening legal supervision, focusing on "breaking the net and umbrella" to maintain a high-pressure situation

We have always adhered to the main line of legal supervision, supervised in handling cases, handled cases during supervision, and strengthened legal supervision over the activities of opposing cases, investigations, trials, and enforcement of penalties in accordance with the law. As of April 30, 2019, a total of five persons have been hunted down, one person has been prosecuted for crimes committed by underworld forces, and five cases of illegal supervision have been corrected by written supervision. At the same time, in accordance with the requirements of "one case, three investigations" and "two uniforms", through clues, level-up jurisdiction, remote investigation and centralized attack, etc., the obstacles were eliminated and the "protection umbrella" was dug deep.

For the black and evil cases that are being processed, comprehensively review the facts of the criminal suspect's participation in the case and the related information behind it, so that one case, one crime, one sentence, deep investigation and thorough investigation can be carried out to effectively synchronize the blackout and the "broken net and umbrella" . Continue to carry out the collection of clues in criminal enforcement and special prosecutions for crimes involving gangsters and crimes, and mobilize detainees in detention facilities to actively report and expose gangster-related crimes and "protection umbrella" cues to improve the quality of acceptance clues. Strengthen coordination with the Discipline Inspection and Supervision Committee, improve mechanisms for clue verification, rapid transfer, two-way feedback, and closely track the progress and results of the transfer of clues.

Extending the procuratorial function, using procuratorial recommendations, and promoting comprehensive governance

Further improve long-term prevention and governance mechanisms such as collaboration and cooperation with county-level industries and departments, two-way feedback, regulatory loopholes, and notification rectification. In response to problems such as industry management loopholes and weak grassroots organizations in key areas such as land project engineering, transportation, private lending, drug-related venues, and market transactions found in the handling of cases, promptly send inspection suggestions to relevant departments, and continue to follow up and supervise Rectify and make efforts to make the procuratorial recommendations rigid.

Since the start of the special struggle, the institute has innovatively participated in social governance, fully utilized the functions of the "12309 Prosecutorial Service Center" and the Prosecutor's Studio, and formulated the "Implementation Plan for the Comprehensive Governance of the Special Struggle of Combating Maltreatment and Evil in the Sanyuan County People's Procuratorate. Paragraph, set out the timetable, actively extend the procuratorial function, and continue to promote the continuous development of the special struggle. Combining with the actual situation of procuratorial work, pay attention to discovering deep-seated problems, and put forward procuratorial suggestions to relevant departments in time to prevent the breeding of evil forces from the source. Up to now, the court has put forward three procuratorial suggestions for improving the work in the special struggle through public interest litigation and community corrections. In handling cases involving black and evil, publicly proposing procuratorial suggestions for improving work to public security organs in response to problems in law enforcement handling of the public security organs, which produced good social effects. Consciously integrated into the overall situation of rural work, insisted on combining case handling with "breaking the net and umbrella", combining with grass-roots organization construction, combining with poverty alleviation, combining with ecological environmental protection, combining with special governance and special population management, and vigorously promoting The rural grassroots governance.

(Author: Sanyuan County People's Procuratorate Yang Min Editor: Liu Xiaohu)

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