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Xi'an Lianhu: Fully devoted to fight against evil and eliminate evil

Release time: April 29, 2019

Since the launch of the special campaign to combat crime and eliminate evil, the People's Procuratorate of Lianhu District of Xi'an under the strong leadership of the Municipal Procuratorate and the District Committee has carefully implemented the decision-making arrangements of the central, provincial, municipal, and district committees and the specific work requirements of higher-level procuratorial organs, and has effectively fulfilled The procuratorial function actively exerts the role of the iron army, devotes all its energy to the special struggle against gangsters and eliminates evils, punishes gangsters and criminals strictly and accurately according to law, and effectively maintains the stability of the overall society.

Strengthen the organization and ensure orderly progress. The academy effectively strengthened the "four consciousnesses", consciously stood on the overall strategic level, strengthened the political consciousness, ideological consciousness, and consciousness of action in the anti-crime special struggle, and reflected the procuratorial organs with firm and effective actions and solid results. As a political player, we will do our best to take the initiative to fight against evil and fight evil, to fight tough battles, and to prolong the war. At the same time, the police of the whole hospital were organized to seriously study and implement Xi Jinping's thoughts of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, learn and implement the important spirit of the central, provincial and municipal political and legal work conferences and the special struggle promotion meeting, and learn the manual of anti-crime and anti-evil special struggle. And laws and policies, and the holding of the examination should be held, so that police officers have a deeper understanding of the significance of the special struggle, and laid a solid theoretical foundation for the in-depth promotion of the special struggle.

In order to timely implement the decision-making and deployment of the central, provincial and municipal Party committees and higher-level procuratorial organs, strengthen organizational leadership, and ensure that the special campaign to combat malaria and evil is steadily carried out and further advanced, the academy has formulated the Implementation Plan for the Special Struggle against Malaria and Evil Elimination, Further clarify the guiding ideology, strengthen organizational leadership, and implement the division of responsibilities. Adhere to specific formulation and implementation of specific work measures. At the same time, we will strengthen the specialization of the special campaign to combat crime and eliminate evil, and set up a steering group and four case-handling groups to provide specialized support for the handling of crimes involving crime and crime. Developed the "Work Plan for Leadership Concentration of the Special Struggle for Fighting against Evil and Evil", and the "Work Plan for the Leadership of the Special Struggle for Fighting against Evil and Evil". Responsible, promptly and effectively resolve difficulties encountered in handling cases, and guide case handling.

Punish according to law, insist on fast arrest and fast action. Regarding cases involving criminal and criminal activities transferred by public security organs, adhere to strict identification according to law, accurately grasp the legal boundaries, and achieve a unified legal and social effects. The court accepted a total of 14 78 cases involving black and evil involving the arrest of public security organs, intervened 13 in advance, approved the arrest of 14 62 people, disapproved the arrest of 15 people (4 people did not arrest directly), and the public security agency withdrew 1 9 people were hunted down; 8 cases of 77 people were transferred for review and prosecution, 1 case was filed for review and prosecution by the Municipal Procuratorate, 4 cases were filed for 39 people, and 1 person was prosecuted, of which 3 cases and 19 cases have been heard. The court has sentenced two people to 10 cases.

Strengthen the work connection and cooperation with public security, courts and judicial administration, improve the coordination and cooperation mechanism, and form a joint combat force. Jointly developed the "Opinions on Establishing a Coordination and Coordination Mechanism for Anti-crime and Anti-Evil Work" with the Gong'an Lianhu Branch, conducting timely consultations and investigations on the investigation of criminal cases, law enforcement and judicial issues, data and information; strengthening communication with the court Coordinate, improve the efficiency of case handling, and ensure that cases are heard and judged quickly. For example, the first case of disabled begging organized by the hospital was organized by the hospital. The criminal suspect used deception as a reason to deceive a number of deaf people into Xi'an, and threatened and beat him to force them to beg. The impact is great. On the premise of ensuring quality and strictly observing procedures, the court will increase coordination and speed up the progress of case handling. It has approved the arrest of 3 people and the pursuit of 2 people in accordance with the law. On December 5, 2018, the case was tried by the court and sentenced five defendants to nine months to two years and two months in prison and fines. People's Daily, Shaanxi TV, Xi'an Evening News and other media The case was reported and achieved good legal and social effects.

The province's first organized begging trial for disabled persons

Dig deep into the clues and go all out to "break the umbrella and break the net." We will continue to dig deep into the clues of criminal forces and continue to make efforts in cracking down on criminal crimes and investigating clues about criminal crimes involving criminal activities involving criminal activities. Organized police officers throughout the hospital to carry out in-house visits and clues investigations, and visited 776 people in communities under their jurisdiction. At the same time, they analyzed and investigated 202 283 people who had not been apprehended for arrest since 2016. The community correction staff carried out clue mapping work to dig deeper into the clues of criminal forces. The court found 13 clues about illegal and criminal activities involving triads and evils, and promptly proposed to convene a meeting of the leading group of the special struggle to eliminate criminals and eliminate evils. The “Measures for Reporting and Rewarding Clues to Gangsters and Evil Crimes” was formulated, the “Review System for Acceptance, Trial and Dispatch of Gangsters Involving Gangsters and Evil Clues” was revised, the clue management was strengthened, and the masses were encouraged to report crimes and gangsters. Coordinate and coordinate the strength of the whole hospital, set up a special class for the investigation of clues related to the blacks and evils, increase the verification of clues, and ensure the rapid circulation, rapid verification, and fast response of the clues related to the blacks and evils.

For major cases, "one case and three investigations", strictly implement the "two uniforms", adhere to the "break the net and umbrella", and effectively eliminate the evil breeding ground. Worked with the District Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision to formulate the "Interim Measures on the Transfer of Clues Concerning Gangsters and Evil Corruption", strengthened communication and docking with the District Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision, transferred 3 "protection umbrella" leads, and ensured the timely transfer of clues related to criminal and black corruption Efficient.

Anti-Evil Clues Rehearsal Meeting

Strong supervision, resolutely prevent leaks. During the handling of criminal cases of underworld forces, the arrest and prosecution conditions were accurately grasped, the examination of the legality of the evidence was strengthened, and a Notice of Correction of Violations was issued to the public security organs in time, and all the public security organs corrected them.

In reviewing and approving arrests and prosecutions, the pursuit of missing criminal suspects was taken as a breakthrough point to strengthen the supervision of arrests, strengthen the pursuit of arrests and prosecutions, broaden the thoughts of arrests, and focus on solving the problems of difficult sources of clues and difficulties in monitoring and implementation in the pursuits. At the same time, joint crimes, related crimes, and upstream and downstream crimes were taken as key cases, and opinions on hunting and prosecution were put forward in a timely manner. For example, in July 2018, the court handled a criminal case of forced prostitution organized by Yang and others. The criminal gang used the service of Xi'an entertainment venues to make a lot of money under the guise of defrauding minors to Xi'an for forced prostitution. During the review and arrest process, the case handler carefully examined the details of the crime and found that there were two other suspects involved in the case. He decisively recommended that the public security organs arrest the two and bring them to the arrest. On March 27, 2019, the Lianhu District People's Court sentenced the case according to law. Five defendants, including Yang Moumou, were sentenced to four to thirteen years and six months in prison for forced prostitution. Among them, Gao Moumou was sentenced to 13 years in prison and fined 10,000 yuan, Zhao Moumou was sentenced to 9 years in prison and fined 5,000 yuan. The few successful hunting cases in the whole city and even in the whole province are the concentrated expression of the prosecution organs' effective implementation of the functions of arrest and supervision of criminal cases involving black crimes, laying a solid foundation for comprehensively and accurately cracking down on crimes involving black crimes and obtaining good results. Legal and social effects.

Prevent at source and promote comprehensive governance. Combining anti-crime and anti-crime activities, optimizing the environment for the rule of law in business, and other special tasks in a timely manner, focusing on solving illegal crimes such as yellow gambling and drug abduction, advancing governance at the source, improving the level of comprehensive social governance, forming public security, transportation, etc. The combined efforts of the departments. For example, He Mou and six others are suspected of robbery. The criminal gang has long been involved in some entertainment venues in Lianhu area, organizedly controlled deaf women to accompany alcohol and prostitution, charged "protection fees", and was suspected of underworld crime. The institute cooperated with the general administration, public security and other departments in a timely manner, and at the same time, cracked down on crimes involving gangsters and evils, while maintaining the social security environment in the area under its jurisdiction.

Based on judicial handling of cases, in-depth analysis of management loopholes reflected in the case, timely submission of 7 procuratorial recommendations, and promote and improve the comprehensive governance of key industries, key areas and regions. For example, in the case of Liu and others suspected of opening a casino, the court found that the public security organs had administrative loopholes such as unregistered and filed in the management of public housing leases, and promptly instructed the casers to issue prosecution recommendations and urged the public security organs to strengthen the comprehensive governance of the housing rental industry Work to effectively strengthen industry source governance.

Create an atmosphere and enhance the effectiveness of publicity. Insist on cracking, propaganda, and common law resonance, take various forms to increase publicity efforts to combat crime and eliminate evil, and mobilize the people in the jurisdiction to actively participate in the special struggle to combat crime and eliminate evil. Worked out a comprehensive publicity work plan for anti-crime campaigns, organized large-scale publicity campaigns for 7 times in core areas such as Zhonggulou Square, and carried out themes in key areas such as streets, communities, schools, and detention centers in the area, and public security chaos such as the Chengxi Passenger Station. Propaganda; lead the organization of the "Procurement Open Day" event with the theme of "Special Struggle against Crime and Legal Supervision Work", and introduce to the people's congress members, members of the CPPCC National Committee and representatives from various circles typical cases And the development of special struggles; organized the campaign of anti-crime and anti-evil propaganda into campuses, conducted special lectures in the 44th and 23rd middle schools of the city, and received unanimous praise, fully showing that the procuratorial organs broke through the "protection umbrella" and cut off " The "interest chain" will eliminate the determination and strength of the evil forces and further increase the people's awareness, support and participation in the special struggle to eliminate evil forces.

Li Jie leads a campaign to crack down on gangsters and eliminate evils during the Changchun Festival

At the same time, the hospital widely publicized the methods of reporting anti-crime activities, and encouraged the general public to actively report clues to expose criminal and criminal activities; enrich the means of propaganda and innovative forms of publicity, and shoot short videos on the theme of anti-crime activities. 、 Weibo edited and distributed 336 anti-evil and anti-evil theme propaganda, published 136 publicity manuscripts in the media of central provinces and cities, and received 6 interviews from Shaanxi TV and other media; 14 anti-evil and anti-evil publicity boards and 2 light boxes were set up inside and outside the hospital. 14. There are 14 publicity boards, and 45 publicity posters are posted to timely and accurately push the dynamics and excellent cases of anti-evil and anti-evil work, focusing on the important results achieved in the anti-evil and anti-evil work, and strive to create everyone's participation and everyone shouting. Strong public opinion atmosphere.

(Author: Chenmu Jie Xi'an Lianhu District People's Procuratorate Editor: Liu Xiaohu)

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