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Pingli: Unchecked work, we are serious

Release time: April 26, 2019

Non-prosecution work is a new function of the procuratorial organs. Its main tasks are to punish crimes against minors, protect and rescue minor victims, probation for education to save minors involved in crime, prevent minor crimes, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of minors. . In recent years, the People's Procuratorate of Pingli County has given full play to its functions, and has focused on building "four platforms", seeking practical solutions, making practical moves, and achieving practical results. It uses practical actions to escort youth and care for growth.

Humanized case handling platform

Constantly increase the punishment and prevention of crimes against minors, strengthen judicial assistance in juvenile cases, and strive to provide specialized care and assistance to minors. The implementation of unchecked work is handled by a special person, with special procedures and a special system working mechanism. Adhere to the principle of fewer arrests and careful prosecution, and comprehensively implement criminal reconciliation, divisional prosecution, conditional non-prosecution, and juvenile criminal record storage. Solidly implement the case-based interpretation method, and formulate a "one-on-one" mentoring program for minors' physical and mental development characteristics to promote their early return to society.

Localized Education Platform

分钟左右的参观、体验、互动、参与,在一种身临其境、声光电高科技、现代化的环境氛围中受到法治教育,启迪思维,开阔视野,全方位接受法治、道德、安全方面的教育。 The Pingli County Youth Rule of Law Education Base has been completed, allowing elementary and middle school students to come to the base in class units. Through a 45- minute visit, experience, interaction, and participation, it will be in an immersive, acoustic, high-tech, and modern environment. He was educated in the rule of law, enlightened his thinking, broadened his horizons, and received education in all aspects of the rule of law, morals, and safety.)问、训诫、听证、谈话、心理疏导、法治宣传、法治教育等功能于一体的未检工作室,让涉案未成年人在温馨、融洽、轻松的环境氛围中放松身心、放下负担引导迷途少年回归健康的人生道路。 An uninspected studio that integrates functions such as announcement, inquiry ( inquiries ) , admonitions, hearings, conversations, psychological counseling, promotion of the rule of law, and education on the rule of law has been established in the law enforcement case handling center on the first floor of the agency, so that minors involved in the case are warm and harmonious. , Relax in a relaxed environment, and let go of the burden to guide the lost teen back to a healthy life.

Normalized publicity platform

年的以“防治校园欺凌”为主要内容的“法治进校园”巡讲活动,党组书记、检察长陈猛担任城关初级中学法治副校长,党组成员、政协协理员梁华担任县中心幼儿园法治副校长,定期深入校园开展法治宣传、平安建设宣传等活动,引导未成年学生进一步强化自律意识和自我保护意识,远离校园欺凌。 Conducted a 3- year "Law Governance into the Campus" patrolling activity with the main content of "Preventing School Bullying", Party Secretary and Prosecutor Chen Meng served as the Vice-Chancellor of Chengguan Junior High School, and Party Member and CPPCC member Liang Hua served as the county center kindergarten. The deputy principal of the rule of law regularly conducts in-campus activities such as the promotion of the rule of law and the promotion of safe construction to guide minors to further strengthen their awareness of self-discipline and self-protection, and to stay away from bullying on campus. Work with public security organs to carry out regular anti-drug publicity activities, carry out comprehensive management of the environment around the campus, and actively participate in the establishment of safe campuses.

Precision supervision platform

Signed the “Implementation Plan for the Implementation of the Special Supervision Activity of“ Protecting the Safety of Ten Thousands of Tongues ”Procuratorial Public Interest Litigation” with the Federation of Pingli County and the Municipal Bureau of Supervision, and jointly organized the Municipal Bureau of Supervision to carry out special rectification activities on campus food safety, focusing on primary and secondary schools The kindergarten's sanitary conditions, purchase channels, food samples, food business permits, and food safety around the campus will be checked in all directions. Issue prosecution recommendations to competent authorities for problems found in special operations, make corrections within a time limit, and supervise competent authorities to establish regulations and establish a long-term work mechanism to ensure campus food safety, protecting the majority of students "safe on the tip of their tongues."

(Author: Ping Lee County People's Procuratorate Liang Hua Editor: Wang Jin)

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