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Iron Inspection: Pennants + Thank You Letter

Release time: January 13, 2020

17日下午,中国铁路西安局集团有限公司西安高铁基础设施段向陕西省人民检察院西安铁路运输分院送来了锦旗和感谢信,对分院在高铁沿线外部环境隐患集中整治工作中发挥的积极作用表示了感谢。 On the afternoon of January 7 , 2020 , the Xi'an high-speed rail infrastructure section of the China Railway Xi'an Bureau Group Co., Ltd. sent a banner and a thank-you letter to the Xi'an Railway Transport Branch of the People's Procuratorate of Shaanxi Province. The branch played an important role in the centralized rectification of the external environmental hazards along the high-speed rail. Thanks for the positive effect. Branch Party Secretary and Procurator-General Wang Yong stated that it is the incumbent responsibility of the iron inspection authorities to resolve hidden safety hazards and maintain railway safety and stability, and to work with the person in charge of this section to further strengthen the cooperation between the railway inspection authorities and railway units to effectively resolve railway lines. Have an in-depth conversation on the hidden safety issues.

For a long time, the Xi'an Railway Transportation Branch of Shaanxi Provincial People's Procuratorate and the Xi'an High-speed Rail Infrastructure Section have maintained a good close relationship for a long time. The Xi'an High-speed Railway Infrastructure Section of the Xi'an Bureau Group Company stated in the thank-you letter that smooth railway transportation and long-term peace and stability can not be separated from the full support and strong support of Shaanxi Iron Inspection Branch. In order to conscientiously implement the spirit of the central leadership's important instructions on the rectification of high-speed railway environmental safety hazards, in the centralized rectification of external environmental hazards along the high-speed railway, Shaanxi Railway Inspection Branch has a high standing, active actions, and careful deployment, and has close ties and deep docking with our section. 2. Research the plan, and jointly take measures to solve the difficult problems and pay close attention to the rectification and sales number to ensure that this task is completed quickly and efficiently.

1120日,为了贯彻落实习近平总书记关于高铁线下环境治理重要批示精神和上级检察机关的要求,充分发挥法律监督职能作用,积极解决铁路线下安全隐患,切实维护铁路运营安全,陕西铁检机关开展了解决铁路下线安全隐患公益诉讼“百日提升”专项行动。 On November 20 , 2019 , in order to implement the spirit of General Secretary Jinping ’s important instructions on environmental governance under the high-speed rail line and the requirements of higher-level procuratorial organs, give full play to the role of legal supervision, actively solve hidden safety hazards under the railway line, and effectively maintain the safety of railway operations. The Shaanxi Iron and Steel Inspection Agency has launched a special action on "hundred-day improvement" in public welfare lawsuits to address hidden safety hazards on the railway. Since the launch of the special operation, the Shaanxi Iron and Steel Inspection Agency's two-tier and three-academies have strengthened close ties with the Xi'an Railway Supervision Administration, China Railway Xi'an Bureau Group Co., Ltd. and other units to comprehensively sort out clues related to hidden safety hazards under the railway line. Touch the row. 件,发出公益诉讼诉前检察建议21份,社会治理类检察建议3份。 Up to now, two levels and three courts have filed a total of 26 public interest litigation cases involving railway safety, issued 21 pre-litigation procuratorial suggestions and 3 social governance procuratorial suggestions. For the clues of major difficult and complicated cases, the branch office handled the upgrade, and was led by the Procurator-General Wang Yong and the Deputy Procurator-General Gao Huiying. In order to ensure that the prosecution recommendations issued are implemented, the procurator of the contractor pays close attention to the implementation of the rectification, promptly follows up the investigation, and urges the administrative organs to perform their duties in accordance with the law and fulfill their due diligence. Real effect.

In the next step, the Shaanxi Iron and Steel Inspection Agency will continue to make efforts to create a new situation in public interest litigation work and safety protection under the railway line.

(Author: Shaanxi Provincial People's Procuratorate Wang Yalong Editor: Wang Jin)

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