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Huang Long: Pre-litigation Prosecution Suggests Promoting Management of Off-campus Custodian Organizations

Release time: January 9, 2020

Recently, the "Interim Measures for the Management of Off-campus Trusteeship Institutions in Huanglong County", jointly developed by the Market Supervision Bureau, the Health and Health Bureau and the Public Security Bureau, led by Huanglong County Bureau of Education, Sports and Sports, has been issued and implemented, effectively solving the problem of irregular management of off-site trusteeship institutions This is another major measure taken by the county party committee and county government to support the public interest litigation work of the procuratorial organs after the county has incorporated prosecutorial public interest litigation into the assessment content of the township and county departments.

The promulgation of this management system benefited from a pre-litigation prosecution proposal of Huanglong County People's Procuratorate. In August last year , the second procuratorial department of the hospital found that some of the off-campus custody institutions had different strengths and weaknesses, the custody classes had irregular management problems, and some custody institutions also had some hidden dangers. 余家,主要分布在城区居民房内,其中有42家托管班未在黄龙县市场监管局登记, 50家托管班均未在黄龙县教育科技局登记,未办理营业执照、办班人员无健康证,且托管班百分之八十都设在住宅楼内,居住条件、配备设施简陋,没有相应的安全卫生管理制度,从业人员素质参差不齐,未成年人的安全存在极大隐患。 After discovering the problem, the hospital immediately learned about the Huanglong County information platform and on-site visits, interviews, and other methods, and learned that Huanglong has more than 50 off-campus trusteeship classes, which are mainly distributed in urban residential buildings, of which 42 trusteeship classes are not in The Huanglong County Market Supervision Bureau registered. None of the 50 custody classes were registered with the Huanglong County Education and Technology Bureau. They did not apply for a business license. The staff did not have a health certificate. Eighty percent of the custody classes were located in residential buildings. Living conditions The facilities are simple, there is no corresponding safety and health management system, the quality of employees is uneven, and there is a great hidden danger to the safety of minors. While investigating the case, on the one hand, the case management team timely organized a joint meeting of relevant departments to discuss and discuss the management of the custodial class. Based on the investigation, they issued procuratorial recommendations to Huanglong County Education and Technology Bureau, Market Supervision Bureau, and Health Bureau. It supervises trusteeship classes in terms of qualifications, environment, etc. according to their duties to ensure the safety of minors. On the other hand, according to the problems found in the management of the trusteeship classes found in the investigation and the actual situation of lawlessness in law enforcement, the hospital timely formed an investigation report and submitted it to the county government: It is recommended that the county education technology and sports bureau, market supervision bureau, The four departments, the Health and Health Bureau and the Public Security Bureau, negotiated to formulate uniform standards for the management of custody classes and management methods for custody classes. Huanglong County People's Government attaches great importance to this. The county magistrate Li Furong specially issued instructions and requested the county's Education, Sports and Sports Bureau to take the lead, the Market Supervision Bureau, the Health and Health Bureau, and the Public Security Bureau to formulate specific management measures to guide the standardized and orderly development of the custody class. Relevant departments actively implement the procuratorial recommendations, and each of them inspects and manages the trusteeship classes in the county according to their functions and powers, and studies and issues the "Interim Measures for the Management of Trusteeship Institutions Outside Huanglong County," which clarifies the management department of the trusteeship classes, formulates strict employment standards, and further regulates The procedures and management methods of the county's off-campus trusteeship institutions have been adopted, which effectively guarantees the healthy growth of minors.

院 何午阳高亚丽 编辑:胡安辉) (Author: Huanglong County People's Procuratorate how high afternoon sun Yali Editor: Hu Anhui)

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