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Luo Nan: A case of "Pippi's intentional injury to Lulu's criminal incidental civil affairs" was debated in the "court"?

Release time: January 06, 2020

In order to thoroughly implement the "No. 1 Procuratorial Proposal" of the Supreme People's Procuratorate, establish mechanisms to prevent and combat "campus loans" and sexual assault to ensure the healthy growth of minors. , 洛南县人民检察院党组书记、检察长马春景、第一检察部主任刘臻、副主任祝博走进洛南县西街小学 , 参加校园模拟庭审与辩论赛。 A few days ago , Ma Chunjing, secretary of the party group of the People's Procuratorate of Luonan County, chief prosecutor, Liu Zhen, director of the First Procuratorate, and Zhu Bo, deputy director of the Procuratorate, went to West Street Primary School in Luonan County to participate in the campus mock trial and debate.

Considering that the host and contestants of this event are all grade 6 students from West Street Elementary School, the court hearings and debates need to have strong legal knowledge. The Luonan County People's Procuratorate fully exerts its professional advantages and assigns special personnel to review the court trial cases and fully Explain the legal knowledge and provide careful guidance on related issues. In addition, we also actively prepare uniforms and props for players.

During the court hearing that day, under the auspices of the presiding judge, the two sides expressed their opinions around the case of "Pippi's intentional injury to Lulu's criminal incidental civil affairs". The court's investigation, debate, and judgment were carried out in an orderly manner. In the subsequent debate, the pros and cons also addressed " The question arises whether parents need to be involved in conflicts between students. " The wonderful performance of the students won applause and applause from teachers and students and parents.

School leaders stated that they would take this as an opportunity to continue to strengthen legal education for teachers and students in schools.

编辑:王瑾) (Contributed by Luonan County People's Procuratorate : Wang Jin)

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