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Zhouzhi: Inauguration of the contact point for the inspection of the western intelligent equipment industrial park

Release time: December 31, 2019

1227日,西部智能装备产业园开工暨警务室、法官工作室、检察工作联络点揭牌仪式举行,县委常委、政法委书记朱建平和周至县人民检察院党组书记、检察长王晓明共同为西部智能装备产业园检察工作联络点揭牌,该院十余名检察干警参加了此次活动。 On December 27 , 2019 , the inauguration ceremony of the Western Intelligent Equipment Industrial Park started and the police room, judge's studio, and procuratorial contact point were held. The inauguration of the contact point for the procuratorial work of the Western Intelligent Equipment Industrial Park was attended by more than ten procuratorial police officers from the hospital.

The Western Intelligent Equipment Industrial Park was established with the approval of the People's Government of Zhouzhi County, and is managed by Xi'an Shanglong Industrial Park Operation Management Co., Ltd. The park is an industrial concentration area based on equipment manufacturing and high-end equipment as the core, and is an important force driving the high-quality development of the county economy.

The liaison point for procuratorial work set up this time will provide a zero-distance communication platform for the industrial park and the procuratorial organs by receiving appeals in accordance with the law and providing legal advice. It is also an important measure for Zhouzhi County Procuratorate to serve private enterprises.

In recent years, the People's Procuratorate of Zhouzhi County has taken the overall situation of service as the guide, based on the procuratorial function, and performed its duties fully. Always adhere to the planning and promotion of procuratorial work in the overall situation of economic and social development of Zhouzhi, strive to maintain social stability, continuously strengthen legal supervision, provide good legal services and judicial guarantees for the healthy development of the economy, and contribute to the procuratorial power for building an international model of "Golden Weekly."

朱迪 编辑:祝长英) (Author: Judy Zhouzhi County People's Procuratorate Editor: Zhu Changying)

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