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Yan'an: Learning to implement the spirit of the Fourth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee

Release time: December 26, 2019

24日,延安市检察机关学习贯彻党的十九届四中全会精神轮训班在延安干部培训学院开班。 On December 24 , the Yan'an procuratorial organs studied and implemented the spiritual rotation training class of the Fourth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China at the Yan'an Cadre Training Institute. Yanhui People's Procuratorate Party Secretary and Procurator General Liu Huisheng made a mobilization speech, and Yang Xiaochi, a member of the Party Leadership Group and head of the Discipline Inspection and Supervision Group of the Municipal Discipline Inspection Commission in the Municipal Procuratorate, presided over.

At the opening ceremony, Liu Huisheng pointed out that the Fourth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee was the first time in the history of our party that the central plenary specifically studied the national system and the national governance system, and painted a grand blueprint for the "rule of China." "Key, Governance Foundation" is an important and milestone important conference. The "Decision" adopted by the plenary is a classic textbook of socialism with Chinese characteristics, a political declaration to promote the modernization of the national system and governance system in the new era, and a strategic task book for the party and the country in all fields and systems.

In combination with his own learning, Liu Huisheng shared the learning experience of the Fourth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee with the participants. He pointed out that conscientiously studying and implementing the spirit of the Fourth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee, as procuratorial police officers and leading comrades at the grassroots level, the first is to uphold the party's absolute leadership over procuratorial work, which is the core of the development of the procuratorial cause. The second is to adhere to the people as the center, which is the source of motivation for the innovative development of procuratorial work. The third is to strengthen the consciousness of procuratorial performance, which is an important guarantee for advancing the procuratorial work in Yan'an in the new period.

When talking about how to study and implement the spirit of the Fourth Plenary Session of the Nineteenth Central Committee of the CPC and promote the deep integration of party building and procuratorial work, Liu Huisheng emphasized that the first is to insist on politics, adhere to political leadership, and ensure that the direction of procuratorial work is correct. Consciously respect the system, strictly implement the system, resolutely maintain the system, and use specific actions to implement politics. The second is to keep in mind the mission to dare to shoulder the responsibility, adhere to the legal bottom line, and ensure that the prosecutors perform their duties properly. The bottom line of the law is the fundamental requirement for procuratorial performance. Each specific case must be handled in accordance with the higher standards of the rule of law and the people's satisfaction. The third is fairness, integrity, and discipline, resolutely build a line of defense, and ensure that the procuratorial team is strong. Every prosecutor must strictly ask himself, strive to improve his ability to resist corruption and degeneration, adhere to the bottom line of prosecution for officials, and do not cross the legal red line.

This round of training will be conducted in three phases, and will be carried out for members of the municipal procuratorate leadership team, full-time members of the procuratorial committee, all police officers, county (city, district) procuratorial team members, and full-time members of the procuratorial committee. The rotation training course is based on the theme of in-depth study of the spirit of the Fourth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the Party. It is conducted in the form of inviting experts and scholars to provide special counseling and interpretation, concentrated self-study, group discussions and conference exchanges. The interaction and communication between the heads of the Procuratorate and the Municipal Procuratorate's business department combined with the actual situation of work, adhered to the problem-oriented, and supplemented the shortcomings of the work.

During the training, Liu Huisheng participated in a group discussion and answered the questions raised by the trainees.

(Author: Yan'an City People's Procuratorate Liu Xiaofeng Editor: Hu Anhui)

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