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Xi'an: Li Ruilin Ranked in China's Best People List

Release time: March 13, 2019

Li Ruilin, male, born in March 1985, a member of the Communist Party of China. He was transferred from the army to work in Xi'an People's Procuratorate in early 2010. He is currently the secretary and section chief of the Office of Xi'an People's Procuratorate.

When the road was murdered, he rushed to the gangster to take the sword. At 8 am on June 7, 2018, when Li Ruilin was traveling to the intersection of North Second Ring Road and Zhenguan Road on the way to work, he found that many people were surrounded by the northwest corner of the intersection, as if someone was arguing. Just as Li Ruilin stepped forward, he saw a man in a gray shirt suddenly took out a knife and rushed to the man in black who was arguing with him. The man in black was injured in the chest and abdomen and the blood flow was endless. Seeing this situation, Li Ruilin didn't think about it, immediately stepped forward and uniformed the knife gangster with bare hands.

At that time, while Li Ruilin turned around, he threw him from the back, crushed the man with his own body, while holding the man's right hand with the knife in both hands, he quickly took the knife and threw it into the grass next to him. The man was subdued with the help of the crowd. After controlling the murderer, Li Ruilin timely stabilized the wounded's emotions, told the wounded not to move, keep breathing evenly, and instructed the nearby people to help the wounded stop bleeding. Please call 110 emergency telephones and 120 emergency telephones. A few minutes later, the police arrived at the scene and arrested the suspect. The injured man died because of serious injuries and was sent to a doctor for rescue.

Without saying a word, just say "I should have done it." After the incident, Li Ruilin told the police in detail what happened and left the scene in a hurry and returned to work as usual. Many colleagues don't know everything Li Ruilin has done. Fearing that his family was worried, he didn't talk to his wife and parents. It wasn't until the policemen of the Public Security Economic Development Bureau came to the city procuratorate that Li Ruilin sent a banner and a letter of commendation, and paid tribute to him for his actions of righteousness and the promotion of positive energy. The colleagues around him only learned about this.

On the morning of June 7, after learning that Comrade Li Ruilin saw righteousness as a deed, the relevant leaders immediately gave instructions: Comrade Li Ruilin was not afraid of danger and showed bravery, showing a good image of our municipal law police, and is an excellent example of the Great Xi'an Iron Army in the new era! Affirmation and praise should be given!

On the afternoon of June 19, Xi'an People's Procuratorate issued a notice to the city's procuratorial organs, calling on all prosecutors to learn from the spirit of Comrade Li Ruilin who stepped forward without fear of danger and gave Li Ruilin a reward of 5,000 yuan. In the face of praise from unit leaders and colleagues, he seemed a little embarrassed. He said that although he would think of the dangerous situation back then, he would still have some fear, but he never regrets doing so, because "I should have done this" when the safety of the people's lives was harmed! At the same time, he also said that the 5,000 yuan reward from the unit will be used for public welfare.

Be brave and keep improving. Since entering the procuratorial organs, Comrade Li Ruilin has been engaged in secretarial and information work in the office. No matter what kind of work, he takes it seriously, always adheres to the meticulous work spirit and high-quality and efficient work standards, often working overtime, returning early and late.

Comrade Li Ruilin always keeps in mind the concept of serving the people, and always insists on strict self-reliance, dedication, and resentment. He has won two third-level personal awards, three provincial and municipal commendations, and one high court commendation.

As a prosecutor in the new era, as an excellent communist, he performed very well. Facing the test of life and death, Comrade Li Ruilin did not hesitate at all, and in his heart the safety of the masses was above all else.

(Author: Xi'an People's Procuratorate Huifang Editor: Liu Xiaohu)

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