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Baoji Jintai: Wang Lei won the title of "National Minor Procurator"

Release time: December 19, 2018

9 13日,第二届全国检察机关未成年人检察业务竞赛在北京举行,来自全国31个省、自治区、直辖市和新疆生产建设兵团、铁路检察系统、军事检察系统共34个代表队、 94名选手参加。 From December 9th to 13th , the second National Procuratorate Procurement Competition for Minors was held in Beijing, with 34 representatives from 31 provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, railway procuratorial system, and military procuratorial system. Team, 94 players participated. 名选手之一,也是宝鸡检察唯一选手。 Wang Lei, the uninspected director of the People's Procuratorate of Jintai District of Baoji City, is one of the two players participating in the People's Procuratorate of Shaanxi Province, and the only player in Baoji procuratorial.

个小时的未检工作策论写作、 9个小时的未检业务笔试、以案释法与业务答辩等环节,共产生10名“全国检察机关未成年人检察业务标兵”和40名“全国检察机关未成年人检察业务能手”。 After 3 hours of writing about the unchecked work strategy, 9 hours of unchecked work written examination, interpretation of the case and business defense, etc., a total of 10 "National Procuratorate Minor Procurator Models" and 40 "National Prosecutors are proficient in juvenile prosecution. "

名的好成绩,取得了全国未成年人检察业务竞赛开展以来陕西检察的最好成绩。 After all-out efforts, Wang Lei, the People's Procuratorate of Jintai District, who participated in the Shaanxi Provincial Procuratorate, was awarded the title of "The Second National Minor Procurator" and won the 33rd place in this competition. The best result of Shaanxi procuratorial work since the launch of the procuratorial business contest.

After the game, Wang Lei said with emotion: All the efforts have not been disappointed, many people are thankful, many details are moved, warm and beautiful, it is worth remembering for a lifetime. The unknown of life makes us feel worthy on earth. The past is all days. There is no good or bad in the past. Do not indulge or stop. Just as unchecked work is different from the traditional criminal concept, it always looks forward to the future, because the future breeds hope.

The outstanding results represent the past efforts of Jintai's unchecked police officers. The Jintai District People's Procuratorate has not done a good job in the inspection of minors, bringing a sense of gain and happiness to every family, every kindergarten and primary and secondary schools. Sense of security, sense of security, and good expectations for the future.

(Author: Taiwan District of Baoji City People's Procuratorate cattle Jing Editor: Wang Jin)

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