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Pucheng: Let the Flower of Volunteer Service Bloom in Everyone's Heart

Release time: July 19, 2019

On July 17, the launching ceremony of the "Wednesday of Civilized Traffic Concession Day" in Pucheng County was held in the central square of the county. A 10-member party team composed of the volunteer service team of the New Age Civilization Practice of Pucheng County People's Procuratorate participated in the theme of "Car The theme of civilized traffic persuasion that people, people abide by the rules, and I do it. During the launching ceremony, the academy carried out uncivilized behavior persuasion activities at designated intersections.

Since the beginning of this year, the New Age Civilized Practice Volunteer Service Team of Pucheng County People's Procuratorate has actively played a role of volunteers, and has promoted volunteer service projects in a normal way. Now, it has carried out "civilized traffic persuasion" volunteer service activities twice, a total of 90 people. When people reached 2 hours, the uncivilized behavior at traffic junctions was significantly reduced, and traffic order was improved. At the same time, the volunteer service team is continuously enriching in the content of activities, from participating in higher-level organization collective activities to expanding to participate in targeted, specific, and categorical, volunteer service activities blossom everywhere, leaving procuratorial dedication everywhere.

It is reported that in the new era, the Civilization Practice Volunteer Service Team of the hospital will continue to lead the volunteer service culture with the procuratorial spirit and carry out civilized persuasion activities; promote the institutionalization of voluntary service with a solid style, and strive to create an orderly transportation order to Good work attitude will continue to deepen volunteer service work, and add glory to the construction of civilized Pucheng.

(Author: Pucheng County People's Procuratorate Liu Yuan Editor: Hu Anhui)


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