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Ankang: Organize the theme party day activity of "learning Bashan spirit without forgetting to join the party's original heart"

Release time: November 13, 2018

9 ,安康市人民检察院机关党委组织党员干警赴全国先进基层党组织--西安铁路局安康工务段巴山工务车间开展主题党日活动,通过实地参观,学习和弘扬以“艰苦奋斗、拼搏自强、无私奉献、务实创新”为主要内容的“巴山精神”,推进“两学一做”学习教育常态化制度化。 On November 9 , the party committee of the Ankang People's Procuratorate organized party members and police officers to carry out themed party day activities at the Bashan Works Workshop of the Ankang Works Section of the Xi'an Railway Bureau, an advanced grassroots party organization in the country. The "Bashan spirit" whose main content is self-improvement, selfless dedication, and pragmatic innovation, promotes the normalization and institutionalization of "two learning, one doing" learning and education.

During the event, everyone concentrated on watching the TV feature film "Bashan Soul · Citizen", and successively visited the Workers' Sports Square, the entrepreneurial history expo, the Bashan spirit exhibition room, Liu Ling Innovation Studio, Bashan Cultural Ecological Park, and the party building exhibition room. A comprehensive understanding of the entire process of the generation, development and inheritance of the "Bashan Spirit". Everywhere, everyone listened to the explanations, stopped to watch pictures and texts, precious objects, or thought or questioned or discussed, and personally experienced the creation and dedication, persistence and inheritance of the generation of Bashan railway people. , Are all shocked by the noble quality of Bashan people living in the mountains, self-reliance, hard work, and dedication, all amazed by the working atmosphere of Bashan engineering workshops with emotions, souls and souls, and the rich and fulfilling life of Bashan people, All are impressed and inspired by the glorious journey of Bashan spirit, which is always in sync with the era of reform and development.

我志愿加入中国共产党,拥护党的纲领,遵守党的章程......"响亮的誓言,回荡在大巴山的上空。 At the end of the visit, two newly-developed preparatory party members took the oath of joining the party and wore the party emblem. The other party members reviewed the oath of joining the party. " I volunteer to join the Communist Party of China, support the party's program, and abide by the party's charter ..." A loud vow echoed over Daba Mountain.

All party members agreed that this theme party day event was based on advanced models, and that it was an unforgettable spiritual baptism through watching, learning, and understanding, purifying the mind, and sublimating the mind. We must learn their entrepreneurial spirit of hard work, selfless dedication, and enterprising spirit, draw strength from the 'Bashan spirit', make up the 'calcium' of the spirit, and build the 'soul' of the mind. In the face of new situations, new tasks, and new requirements, we must Work with peace of mind, do not forget the original intention, actively and creatively innovative work ideas in the work, ideologically and pragmatic work style, further strengthen ideals and convictions, maintain political determination, take an active role, dare to assume, dare to explore, and innovate for the security inspection work Make a positive contribution to development.

(Author: Ankang City People's Procuratorate Zhou Li Editor: Wang Jin)

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