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Xi'an Lianhu: Pit! This scam routine is connected one by one, and many car owners have recently been fooled.

Release time: January 06, 2020

When you drive your car on the road, it is inevitable that you will change lanes according to the road conditions. At this time, you must pay attention to it. Some criminals specialize in "breaking" and extorting when they change lanes. Recently, the People's Procuratorate of Lianhu District of Xi'an approved the arrest of the suspects Lou and Wen on suspicion of extortion.

Case review

90 后的小伙闻某也曾因非法持有毒品被刑事处罚,二人凑到一起后盯上了不给车辆购买商业保险的货车司机,打算狠狠捞上几笔。 Thirty-year-old Lou is an employee of a car service company. He was released on bail for suspicion of illegal detention. The post- 90s guy Wen Mo also was criminally punished for illegally holding drugs. The two got together and followed. Truck drivers who do not purchase commercial insurance for their vehicles intend to make a few bucks.

8 月份,娄某、闻某从别处借来一辆凯迪拉克轿车,在本市西郊寻找“不遵守交通规则”的货车司机,等行驶在身旁的货车司机变道行驶时,便一脚油门冲上去故意发生剐蹭。 In August this year, Lou and Wen borrowed a Cadillac sedan from elsewhere to find a truck driver who did not follow the traffic rules in the western suburbs of the city. When the truck driver driving next to him changed lanes, he kicked him. Throttle rushed on purposely.

If the truck driver calls the police for help, according to the relevant traffic rules, the truck driver who has not completed the line often bears full responsibility for the accident, and according to the law, he has to bear the huge maintenance costs of the luxury car. Drivers without commercial insurance will be unable to pay.

5000-8000 元不等的“维修费”。 At this time, Lou and Wen threatened intimidation, and even blocked the other vehicle from leaving. The helpless truck driver could only do things well and save money. After repeated discussions, the truck driver "compensated" 5000 to varying degrees. - "Maintenance fees" ranging from 8,000 yuan.

After receiving the "maintenance fee", Lou Moumou was not in a hurry to repair the vehicle, but continued to drive the "injured" luxury car to find the target.

2 万元。 In just 20 days or so, four victims were extorted and the amount involved was nearly 20,000 yuan.

Prosecutor reminds

When driving a motor vehicle, you must strictly abide by the traffic rules. If you encounter a traffic accident, you must call the police in time for help, and try to handle it through the insurance company. We must carefully judge the unreasonable claims handled in private consultations to prevent the criminals from taking advantage of them.

编辑:王瑾) (Contributed by Xi'an Lianhu District People's Procuratorate : Wang Jin)

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