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Baoji: I stole the supermarket 12 times in January and planted it!

Release time: January 06, 2020

There is a wide variety of goods in the supermarket, including small items like gum and batteries. These small products are numerous, so occasionally there are some without anti-theft bar codes. The criminal suspect Zhao, who is about to speak today, is eyeing this "opportunity".

Case review

10 余盒炫迈口香糖装进自己包里,然后迅速走到超市某个角落,掏出口香糖仔细检查,将贴有防盗条码的口香糖放回去,又从货架上继续拿取其他没有防盗条码的口香糖,最终一共拿取了 9 盒口香糖,随后从未结账出口离开了超市。 Some time ago, when Zhao went to a supermarket in Jinger Road in the urban area, she saw that the gum shelf was left unattended. She recalled that she had stolen gum from other supermarkets and sold it successfully, so she reapplied the trick from the shelf. I took more than 10 boxes of Xuanmai gum into my bag, then quickly walked to a corner of the supermarket, took out the gum and checked it carefully, put the gum with the anti-theft bar code back on, and continued to take other non-theft bar codes from the shelf. In the end, they took a total of 9 boxes of gum, and then left the supermarket without checking out.

12 次,共计 128 盒,价值 1000 余元。 No one saw that Zhao was getting more and more daring. She eyed this supermarket. In just one month, she stole chewing gum 12 times in this supermarket , a total of 128 boxes, worth more than 1,000 yuan. Gumballs always disappear for no reason, and of course supermarket employees must call for monitoring and alarm. Zhao was summoned by the police soon, and Zhao voluntarily pleaded guilty in the face of iron-clad evidence.

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Zhao's behavior has violated Article 264 of the Criminal Law of the People's Republic of China and is suspected of theft.

盗窃公私财物,数额较大的,或者多次盗窃、入户盗窃、携带凶器盗窃、扒窃的,处三年以下有期徒刑、拘役或者管制,并处或者单处罚金;数额巨大或者有其他严重情节的,处三年以上十年以下有期徒刑,并处罚金;数额特别巨大或者有其他特别严重情节的,处十年以上有期徒刑或者无期徒刑,并处罚金或者没收财产。 Article 264 of the Criminal Law of the People's Republic of China who steals public or private property in a large amount, or who commits theft, home theft, theft or pickpocketing with multiple weapons, shall be sentenced to imprisonment of not more than three years, detention or control, and If the amount is very large or there are other serious circumstances, the term of imprisonment is three years and less than ten years, and the fine is fine; if the amount is particularly large or there are other serious circumstances, the term of imprisonment is more than ten years or life imprisonment. And fines or confiscation of property.

Prosecutor reminds:

Today's case is not a big one. Regardless of the circumstances, crimes are punished severely by law. Don't be fortunate because the amount involved is small, waiting for criminals will always be a justice network.

张家旗 编辑:王瑾) (Author: Baoji City People's Procuratorate Zhang Qi Editor: Wang Jin)

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