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Hancheng: A number of measures help raise the level of inspection and security work

Release time: October 15, 2019

来,韩城市人民检察院始终坚持 “保障有力、服务高效”的检务保障工作方针,在该院党组的坚强领导下,着力在提高检务保障水平上下功夫,全面加强各项计划财务装备工作,为检察工作的科学发展提供了重要的物质保障,计财装备工作取得显著成效。 Since the beginning of this year , the Hancheng City People ’s Procuratorate has always adhered to the “guaranteeing strong and efficient service” approach to the work of prosecution and security. Under the strong leadership of the party ’s group, it has worked hard to improve the level of procuratorial security and comprehensively strengthen various planning and financial equipment. This work has provided important material guarantee for the scientific development of the procuratorial work, and significant achievements have been made in the planning and financial equipment work.

It is important to clearly plan financial work as well as business work. The party group of the academy has included raising the level of procuratorial security into the important agenda of the party group. As a leader, it has pushed ahead with the project, convened special meetings in a timely manner, comprehensively planned fund security, strictly supervised the implementation of funds, ensured that all funds were put in place, and effectively safeguarded the inspection. Business is running smoothly.

Focus on the work of the procuratorial center, and strive to improve the ability of procuratorial security. Focusing on the needs of judicial case handling, highlighting the focus of protection, and increasing the funding and equipment support for the work of key centers such as public interest litigation, poverty alleviation, comprehensive social governance, anti-crime, and ecological and environmental inspections, and a total investment of more than 3 million yuan in scientific and technological equipment has been completed. The monitoring and digital upgrade of the procuratorial office in the station, the construction of the 12309 procuratorial service center, the reconstruction of the intelligent procuratorial conference room, and more than 10 informatization projects have been built to create a fully functional working environment that is in line with the development of the procuratorial department.

Strict financial discipline and constantly improve the financial management system. Pay close attention to the goal of “ensure strong protection and satisfy police officers” and realize the use of the system to manage power, affairs, and money. 规范 ,财务监督控制机制透明顺畅,较好地保障了各项检察业务顺利开展。 On the basis of in-depth investigations and investigations, and extensive consultations, the financial management system has been gradually improved, and the financial management system, internal financial control, fixed asset management, travel management (temporary), and vehicle use methods have been revised and improved. And financial operation methods. The financial management system is basically established and sound, the approval procedures are strictly standardized , and the financial supervision and control mechanism is transparent and smooth, which better guarantees the smooth development of various procuratorial operations.

Build high-quality service support teams and improve service quality. The party group of the hospital cares about the growth of financial and accounting personnel. In recent years, three police officers with strong sense of responsibility, solid style and outstanding ability have been adjusted to financial accounting positions, enriching the financial accounting workforce, improving service capabilities, management level and guarantee effectiveness. In the work, we firmly establish the service concept of “service prosecution, case inspection and police service”, actively advocate the “three services” working method of oral, brain, and leg work, and strive to seek breakthroughs in service depth and breadth, and effectively enhance service Initiative and hierarchy. Efforts will be made to further expand the content of services, improve the quality of services, and get closer to the humanities services, and strive to create high-quality guarantee services. Effectively manage the right and use the money, and continuously improve the performance of the use of financial funds, to provide a strong guarantee for the fair and clean law enforcement of the procuratorate.

(Author: Hancheng City People's Procuratorate   Liang Xiaolong   Edit: Anhui Hu)

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