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Deputy Chief: Strengthen financial management and improve service level

Release time: June 06, 2019

子长县人民检察院 为增强从业人员财务管理水平,采取多项措施 加强财务管理, 在源头上提高财政资金运行质量。 In recent years, in order to enhance the financial management level of employees , the Zichang County People's Procuratorate has adopted a number of measures to strengthen financial management and improve the quality of financial funds at the source.

Grasp budgets and reduce differences in decisions. Budget formulation adheres to the principle of "setting revenues and balancing expenditures, balancing revenues and expenditures, taking overall planning into consideration, and ensuring the focus", and it is strictly forbidden to have unbudgeted and over-budgeted expenditures. The chief procurator leads the financial staff to carefully study the relevant requirements for budget preparation, link the budget preparation work with the year-round work requirements and the development of the procuratorial business, ensure consistency between the forecast and the actual business, and go to the various departments to understand the situation on the ground. The various requirements put forward by the Criminal Procuratorial Department, the Litigation Supervision Department and other departments shall be fully considered, and the leaders of each department and the municipal finance department shall be discussed with the municipal finance in a timely manner, and a more accurate and detailed annual budget will be prepared through the “two up and two down” procedures.

Grasp financial expenditures and practise economy. In the work of financial expenditure, we will strictly control the strictness and take the word “strict” to establish an effective expenditure restraint mechanism. We will strengthen supervision over expenditures such as office expenses, travel expenses, water charges, and electricity expenses, and conduct checks at various levels to implement “five strokes” for original bills. "Signature" system, which can be reimbursed only after approval. No false bills can be used for accounting calculations. Private treasuries and off-book accounts must not be set up in any form. We must resolutely eliminate waste and waste, properly handle the relationship between savings and capital benefits, and use limited funds. In terms of ideas and blades, strive to do more with less and do better.

Focus on financial management and ensure funding. Financial management is a service work, and it must serve the procuratorial work, which is the direction of the financial work of the hospital. Focusing on case handling, we start with basic work such as infrastructure construction, materials and equipment, and funding support to provide a solid financial guarantee for procuratorial work.

Be a good home, be a good housekeeper, and be a good assistant to the leadership of the financial staff, make suggestions, make the financial work better serve the case handling work, and provide a strong procuratorial guarantee for the service procuratorial work.

(Author: Long County People's Procuratorate Li Caili sub-editor: Hu Anhui)

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