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Shangluo: Refusing to receive red envelopes shows honesty, honesty, self-discipline and respect

Release time: January 03, 2020

! 感谢检察院的领导,不好意思又给你们添麻烦了。”“大娘,这是我们应该做的,也是我们的工作职责,更是我们检察官的职业道德要求,您要感谢党的好政策。”近日,在商洛市人民检察院,司法救助对象郭大娘拉着办案检察官薛瑞妮的手和她有了这样一段对话。 "Thank you so much ! Thank you for the leadership of the Procuratorate. I am sorry to trouble you again." "Ma'am, this is what we should do, it is also our job responsibility, and it is also the professional ethics of our prosecutor. You have to thank The Party's good policy. "Recently, at the People's Procuratorate in Shangluo City, the target of judicial assistance, Aunt Guo, took the hand of prosecutor Xue Ruini, and she had such a dialogue.

26 日上午,商洛市人民检察院召开郭大娘及其女儿王某某司法救助案听证会暨救助金发放仪式。 On the morning of December 26 , the Shangluo People's Procuratorate held a hearing on the judicial assistance case and the ceremony for the rescue of blondes and granddaughters Guo and his daughter Wang Moumou. After the ceremony, Auntie Guo and her daughter came to the office of Prosecutor Xue Ruini to apply for relevant legal documents and receive state judicial assistance. 1000 元现金的红包偷偷塞入薛瑞妮的办公室抽屉内。 After completing the formalities, while Auntie Guo was finishing the documents, Auntie Guo secretly stuffed a red envelope containing 1,000 yuan of cash into Xue Ruini's office drawer.

Prosecutors hand in red envelopes to disciplinary inspection supervisors

When Xue Ruini discovered the incident, she immediately contacted Aunt Guo, but the two of them had left the procuratorate and returned home. Xue Ruini immediately reported the situation to Li Chengbao, the prosecutor in charge of the case and the fifth procuratorate, to discuss the handling method. : “我们是人民检察官,为民办事是我们的职责,应尽快向纪检监察组汇报并退还礼金。”“好的,那我们现在就去”薛瑞妮检察官说。 Director Li Chengbao said to her : "We are people's prosecutors, and it is our duty to do business for the people. We should report to the disciplinary inspection and supervision team as soon as possible and return the gifts." "Okay, then we will go now" Prosecutor Xue Ruini said. : “近期正在开展违规收送礼金礼品问题专项整治,我们检察人员决不能收受当事人的礼金礼品,听你们的介绍,郭某某生活条件不好,这 1000 元现金相当于她们两个月的生活费,你们尽快把这红包退还给当事人,纪检监察组派人给你们作见证并出具相关证明手续。”“好的,这样既不违规违纪,又照顾到了当事人的实际困难,那我们现在就去办”两位检察官表示。 The two came to the head of the Discipline Inspection and Supervision Team of the Shangluo Discipline Inspection Commission to the Municipal Procuratorate to report the incident. Chen Hongwei, the leader of the Discipline Inspection Commission, affirmed their approach and said , "Recently, we are currently carrying out a special rectification of gifts and gifts in violation of regulations. We Prosecutors must not accept gifts from the parties. Listening to your introduction, Guo Moumou's living conditions are not good. The 1,000 yuan in cash is equivalent to their two-month living expenses. You should return the red envelope to the parties as soon as possible. I will testify to you and issue relevant certification procedures. "" Okay, this will not violate the rules and regulations, but also take into account the actual difficulties of the parties, then we will do it now, "the two prosecutors said.

Then came the warm scene at the beginning of this article. 1 点多,在商洛市检察院检察服务中心,由纪检监察组干部见证,两位办案检察官一起将该红包退还给郭大娘,郭大娘一再推辞,但在两位检察官和纪检监察组干部的耐心解释和劝说下,终于收回了红包,并再三感谢检察院和办案干警。 At more than 1 noon that day , at the Prosecution Service Center of Shangluo City Procuratorate, witnessed by the disciplinary inspection and supervision team cadres, the two prosecutors handling the case returned the red envelope to Auntie Guo, who repeatedly quit, but between the two prosecutors and the disciplinary inspection and supervision team After patient explanation and persuasion, the cadres finally recovered the red envelope and thanked the procuratorate and the policemen handling the case again and again.

Recently, in accordance with the deployment of the Shangluo Discipline Inspection Commission and the Shaanxi Provincial People's Procuratorate, the party group of the Shangluo People's Procuratorate has carried out in-depth rectification of the issue of illegally receiving gifts and gifts. Members of the team and county-level cadres and above have taken the lead to make commitments and open them in the hospital The police officers of the whole hospital seriously implemented the spirit of the provincial and municipal documents, consciously inspected the deviations in their own understanding and behavior, and strived to strengthen the cultivation of party spirit, and established a good image of integrity in politics and integrity. At the same time, the disciplinary inspection and supervision team of the Procuratorate in Shangluo City announced the reporting methods in a timely manner, actively performed their supervisory duties, increased the intensity of random inspections, and further consolidated and improved the effectiveness of special rectification work.

王传琦 编辑:王瑾) (Author: Shangluo City Commission for Discipline Inspection of the JISC discipline inspection group in the city's Procuratorate Wang Chuanqi Editor: Wang Jin)

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