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Hanzhong: "Not forgetting the original heart, remembering the mission" theme education reading class launched a special education seminar on warning education

Release time: September 27, 2019

24日,汉中市人民检察院“不忘初心、牢记使命”主题教育读书班警示教育专题学习研讨在市院电教室举行。 On September 24th , the Hanzhong People's Procuratorate held a seminar on the topic of "education, reading, and keeping in mind the mission" of education and education. Sun Qixiang, the group leader of the Municipal Committee's theme education tour guide, Sun Qixiang, deputy group leader Yuan Mei, and cadres of the steering group, Pei Zheng and Xu Ting, attended the meeting to guide the meeting.

Carrying out warning education is an important part of the municipal procuratorate's theme education class of “Don't forget the original heart and keep the mission in mind”. 起履职不力典型问题的通报》及《全市检察人员违纪违法典型案件通报》,市检察院党组成员、部分县级干部围绕警示教育专题学习内容逐一作了交流研讨。 During the activity, the trainees collectively watched the warning education film "Beginning to the end of the good times-the beginning and end of the illegal construction of Qinling", and learned the "Notice on 5 Typical Issues of Ineffective Duty" by the Procuratorate of the Provincial Procuratorate and the "Prohibition of Discipline and Violations by Prosecutors of the City "Typical Case Bulletin", members of the party group of the city's procuratorate and some county-level cadres exchanged discussions on the topic of warning education.

After participating in the study, Sun Qixiang and Yuan Mei fully affirmed the development of the theme education of the Municipal Procuratorate. Ding Pengmin, Party Secretary and Procurator-General of the Municipal Procuratorate, presided over the meeting and made a speech: First, we must further improve our political standing, deeply understand the new connotation and new requirements of comprehensively and strictly governing the party, and accurately grasp the importance and necessity of theme education. We must deeply understand the terrible nature and serious harm of prosecutors' cases of disciplinary violations, resolutely fight against all violations of laws and disciplines, strengthen the party's political responsibility for governing the party, strengthen intra-party supervision, organize preventive measures, and seriously investigate and punish all types of violations of regulations and disciplines Resolutely maintain the seriousness and authority of discipline. From the height of political rules and political discipline, we must resolutely correct behaviors such as policies, countermeasures, imperfections, and prohibitions. We must start with small things, change the style of writing, and implement each of the superiors without compromise. The decision-making arrangement has become the basic principle for strictly governing the party. Second, it is necessary to comprehensively and objectively judge the effectiveness and deficiencies of the party's work style and clean government construction and anti-corruption work in the city's procuratorial organs, and effectively enhance the sense of responsibility and mission in advancing the work. We must seriously analyze cases of disciplinary violations, face up to our own outstanding problems, earnestly increase our awareness of concerns and responsibilities, and resolutely investigate and deal with issues such as the weakening of the party spirit of a small number of prosecutors, weak political awareness, lack of organizational ideas, and weak discipline. Never give up. Third, we must persist in our perseverance on the road and unswervingly lead the party to a strict and comprehensive inspection and thorough inspection. The first is to always give top priority to political construction and ensure the correct political direction of procuratorial work. It is necessary to take seriously the political life within the party, develop a positive and healthy political culture within the party, and create a political ecology of integrity. The second is to take the management of the party and the party as well as the supervision and inspection of the party as the fundamental political responsibility, and adhere to the strict management, the courage to manage, and the strict management. The third is to strengthen discipline construction in an all-round way, governing the party with strict discipline and good work style, and controlling inspections. The fourth is to adhere to the combination of strict management and love, and encourage procurators to take on new roles. Strive to forge a prosecution team with strong convictions, strong politics, strong responsibilities, strong abilities, and good style.

(Author: Hanzhong City People's Procuratorate Zhao Guangrui Editor: Wang Jin)

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