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Ziyang: Carrying out "Case-based" Anti-corruption and Anti-degeneration Warning Education Activities

Release time: July 25, 2019

In order to carry out in-depth warning education activities, improve the advanced nature and purity of party members and police officers, and maintain the party members' ability to resist corruption and degeneration and to serve the public with integrity and integrity.22日下午,紫阳县人民检察院全体干警冒雨走进紫阳县廉政教育基地,亲身感受廉洁奉公、拒腐防变的重要性和紧迫感。 In the afternoon of July 22 , all police officers of the People's Procuratorate of Ziyang County took the rain to walk into Ziyang County's Lianzheng Education Base, experiencing the importance and urgency of being honest and decent, resisting corruption and degeneration.

Under the guidance of the commentator, the first thing that caught my eyes was the twenty-character words on the theme wall of the "Alarms and Alarms" of the Anti-corruption Education Base. The secretary's speech at the Second Plenary Session of the Eighteenth Central Commission for Discipline Inspection is also the core content of the clean government education base. "If you want to be straight, you must be on the right line; if you want to be straight, you must be on the rules." The sixteen-character wall of a clean and honest government warns once again that party members and police officers must be aware of their consciousness and responsibility for law abiding.

With the explanation of the commentator, all the prosecutors stepped into the indoor exhibition hall of the Integrity Alert Education. The first part, "Govern the Party and Govern the Party, Be Strict and Comprehensive", the commentator gave a sound introduction, leading everyone to review the Party Central Committee's decision-making arrangements and important expositions on comprehensively and strictly governing the Party. The second part, "Fist Fighting, Punishing Corruption, and High-Pressing Deterrence", a red official seal implied a symbol of power, but it was covered in a cage, which said "Putting Power into the System Cage" was particularly noticeable, with violations displayed on the wall. The negative examples of the six disciplines, the eight kinds of corruption, the sound-picture reproduction of the prison scenes, and the allegorical modeling wall of the word "regret" are impressive. The third part, "Viewing the Ancient Jianjian and Doing It Today," gathers the deeds of excellent family rules and family trainings from all over the country and Ziyang's excellent family rules and family trainings.

Through this on-site visit to the clean government education base, the vast number of prosecutors and policemen were shaken in spirit, moved in thought, baptized in spirit, and sublimated in party spirit. The reverse is typical, one by one, broken families, confession of life, and a sound of alarm bells. After visiting the warning education base, Attorney-General Wang Kaifu said earnestly: "This clean government education activity is carried out by our hospital in accordance with the deployment of the party committee of the city court. The warning education activity is an important part of enhancing police awareness and party spirit. I hope that everyone will be touched deep in the soul. In the future, they must build a disciplined 'firewall' in the performance of procuratorial functions. They must always maintain the advancedness and purity of an excellent party member and police officer, and integrate standard law enforcement, impartial law enforcement, and clean law enforcement. To the actual work. "

The majority of police officers said that as the people's procuratorate police, they must consciously practice the long-term mechanism of "do not want to rot, cannot rot, and dare not rot", unify their thoughts and actions into the theme of "do not forget the original heart, remember the mission", and combine Carry out self-employment, conduct self-checking of “risk points”, strictly implement procedural law and substantive law, achieve strict discipline, standardize law enforcement, and take precautions in place. Remember that the discipline is iron, and the painful lesson of who touches and bleeds. 周年大庆。 Efforts have been made to build the Ziyang County Procuratorate into a high-quality procuratorial team for the new era that is pragmatic, honest, loyal and clean, and celebrates the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China with excellent results.

(Author: Ziyang County People's Procuratorate Hou Anping Wang Tao Editor: Wang Jin)

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