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Hanzhong: Held "Four Searches, Four Looks" Warning Education Activity Mobilization Meeting

Release time: July 12, 2019

10 下午,汉中市人民检察院召开“四查四看”警示教育动员会,汉中市人民检察院党组成员、检委会专职委员、县级干部及各部门负责同志参加了会议。 On the afternoon of July 10 , the Hanzhong People ’s Procuratorate held a “Four Investigations and Four Looks” warning education mobilization meeting. Members of the Party Group of Hanzhong People ’s Procuratorate, full-time members of the Procuratorate, county-level cadres, and responsible comrades from various departments attended the meeting.

At the meeting, the "Implementation Plan of Hanzhong People's Procuratorate to Centralize the" Four Investigations and Four Looks "Warning Educational Activity" was read, and the Municipal Party Committee's Notice on Reiterating Disciplinary Requirements for Party Members, Cadres, and Public Officials, and the Report of Wang Jianqing's Disciplinary Cases. Ding Pengmin, Party Secretary and Procurator General of the People's Procuratorate of Hanzhong City, put forward four requirements for the "four investigations and four observations" warning education activity.

Raise awareness and unify thinking. The "four investigations and four observations" warning education activity is an important deployment made by the party group of the Procuratorate of Hanzhong City on the basis of warning education on Wang Jianqing's violations of laws and disciplines in the early stage. The city's procuratorial police must not only stand on the overall level, but also based on the actual work of the department, soberly understand the practical significance of carrying out the "four investigations and four observations" warning education activities, and constantly strengthen the "four consciousness" and firm the "four self-confidence". Achieve "two safeguards", strictly observe political disciplines and political rules, and take "four investigations and four observations" warning education as one of the important tasks at present, and adhere to the principle of constant discipline.

Strengthen learning and strengthen belief. Persist in the study and education throughout the "four investigations and four observations" process, organize police officers to carefully study the important speeches of General Secretary Xi, especially when they come to Shaanxi to inspect important speeches and work style construction speeches, and to study Party discipline and party regulations such as the "Accountability Regulations of the Communist Party of China", Through discussions and exchanges, watching feature films, writing experiences, etc., we have carried out studies in a planned and focused manner, and guided each police officer, especially the leading cadres, to grasp the essence of the essence, to stimulate the passion of officers, to improve their working skills, and to surpass themselves.

In connection with reality, really check really. Checking and arranging problems should be based on the characteristics of one's own ideology, position, and in-depth search for outstanding problems, and truly be problem-oriented. Through finding gaps in ideology and understanding, finding gaps in ability levels, finding gaps in taking charge of the gaps, focusing on the specific goals and tasks of "four investigations and four observations", clarifying rectification measures one by one, and consolidating work responsibilities, so that the rectification direction is clear, effective and accurate. it is good.

Carefully arranged for practical results. Adhere to overall planning and careful organization, and closely integrate warning education activities with the forthcoming theme education of “Do n’t forget your original heart and keep in mind the mission”, properly handle the relationship between warning education and the current procuratorial work. Two promotion, use the development performance of procuratorial work to reflect and test the effectiveness of warning education.

周洁赵光锐编辑:王瑾) (Author: Hanzhong City People's Procuratorate Zhou Jie Zhao Guangrui Editor: Wang Jin)

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