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"Secondary Record of" 2 · 18 "Extraordinary Telecommunications Network Fraud Project"-Who is "Zhao Ting"?

Release time: December 30, 2019

723 起诈骗犯罪事实及相应证据,在法庭上逐一展示着。 With the trials going on day by day, 723 cases of fraud crimes and corresponding evidence were displayed one by one in the court.

"Zhao Ting", a nice name!

" 单身狗 " 的心弦。 The WeChat name "Finding Your Own Home", this seemingly simple nickname seems to be full of emotions, and secretly stirs the heartstrings of the Internet " single dog " .

" 赵婷 " But who is " Zhao Ting " ? " 寻找到了吗? Did she find her own "home " ?

2 8 腊月二十三 February 28 , 2018

A single Han Wang who lives in Hanbin District, Ankang City, Shaanxi Province, shakes through WeChat, and actually shakes a WeChat name: "Finding Your Own Home" beauty, look at WeChat headshot, and raise your eyes!

In a private chat, Wang was given the "Zhao Ting" name.

"Zhao Ting" told Wang that her parents were dead and now she lives in the aunt family in Jianli County, Jingzhou City, Hubei Province. Aunt often abuses her, so she wants to find her own home.

The two went on WeChat, and soon fell into online dating. In enthusiasm, Zhao Ting said that he would come to Ankang to find him the New Year.

"Sister Lin fell from the sky", Wang couldn't hide his excitement and readily agreed.

13 腊月二十八 February 13th

Seeing that it was going to be the New Year, "Zhao Ting" sent a message to Wang via WeChat and was ready to leave, but she didn't have much money, so she just set off for her toll and set off.

200 元微信红包。 After the two had a friendly interaction on WeChat, Wang sent a 200 yuan WeChat red envelope to Zhao Ting .

14 腊月二十九 (西方情人节) February 14th , January 29th (Western Valentine's Day)

"Zhao Ting" sent another photo of the ticket from Shangchewan Town Bus Station to Jianli County, Jingli County, Hubei Province.

100 元微信红包。 Wang immediately sent a 100 yuan WeChat red envelope. Three hours later, "Zhao Ting" said on WeChat that he would take a train to Wuchang. A picture of the "Zhao Ting" Jingzhou to Wuchang train ticket was displayed on WeChat. 500 元。 Wang sent another 500 yuan to Zhao Ting .

200 元。 Five hours later, "Zhao Ting" said on WeChat that he had arrived at Wuchang, and bought a train ticket to Ankang, and asked Wang to issue another 200 yuan. Looking forward to the Valentine's Day meeting with beautiful women, who will still be indecisive about this little money? Wang Mooshuang snapshot office.

15 大年三十 Chinese New Year February 30

5000 元入院治疗费用。 In the morning, "Zhao Ting" said on WeChat that she suddenly had a terrible stomachache on the train and was taken off the bus midway for a checkup at the hospital. The doctor said that she had acute appendicitis and had to be hospitalized. You need to pay the hospital to pay 5000 yuan first treatment cost.

Ankang Railway Station, Wang Xingchong pick up station, really do not want to accept such a change. Wang was puzzled. Why did he suddenly get sick?

" Wechat asked "This is too bizarre, right ?! "

"Zhao Ting" is really angry! " "They were sick on the way to see you, but you still don't believe people! "

Later, a photo of "Zhao Ting" 's ID was passed on WeChat. I saw "Zhao Ting" on the ID card, with two pigtails, smiling like a flower, and youthful, and can be sure to be a person with the WeChat head.

How can you doubt such a pretty girl casually? Wang blame yourself! 5000 元通过微信转账到“赵婷”帐户中。 Subsequently, 5,000 yuan was transferred to the account of "Zhao Ting" via WeChat.

After a few hours, "Zhao Ting" cried and called, crying for several thousand yuan for a nutrition injection. 3000 元和 2000 元。 Wang transferred the doubts to 3,000 yuan and 2,000 yuan, respectively.

" 我是医生,你女朋友的病我们这医院治不了,马上将“赵婷”转往成都军区总医院。 " Later, "Zhao Ting" called again, but it was the voice of a man, " I am a doctor, and your girlfriend's illness cannot be cured in our hospital. Immediately transfer" Zhao Ting "to the Chengdu Military General Hospital. "

Wang also wanted to talk to "Zhao Ting", but the call never worked again!

Dead phone? !! The more Wang Wang thought the more wrong, he decided to find it by himself, see "Zhao Ting" to see what happened!

16 大年初一 New Year's Day on February 16

" 踏破铁鞋 " 般将三家军区医院跑了个遍,得到的回答都是查无此人。 Wang arrived in Chengdu by train and ran over three military region hospitals like " stepping on iron shoes " . The answers he received were that no one was found. "Zhao Ting" still couldn't get through to the phone, and Wang finally realized he was cheated. Wang was exhausted physically and mentally, but frustrated, he bought a train ticket to go home.

3000 元钱急需支付,“赵婷”苦苦哀求,王某又心软了,就在成都开往安康的火车上,又给“赵婷”转去 500 元。 On the way back, "Zhao Ting" actually called again, and said painfully that the hospital owed 3,000 yuan in urgent need of payment. "Zhao Ting" begged hard, and Wang relented. On the train to Ankang in Chengdu, Transfer 500 yuan to Zhao Ting .

The transfer was successful, and the phone call for "Zhao Ting" was blocked again!

真是个狠毒的女人! " 王某终于想明白了,这个微信上的漂亮女人,是他永远也寻找不到的“赵婷”。 " What a vicious woman! " Wang finally figured it out. The beautiful woman on WeChat was "Zhao Ting" he would never find.

As soon as the train arrived in Ankang, he went straight to the Ankang Railway Station police station to report the case.

5 28 May 28 , 2018

赵婷 " 归案。 " Zhao Ting " came to justice. 27 岁,微信昵称 " 寻找自己的家 " Zhao Moumou, male, 27 years old, WeChat nickname " finding his own home " .

7 3 July 3 , 2018

Zhao Moumou was arrested by Ankang Railway Transport Procuratorate. " " 当下寻到找的 " " I don't know if Zhao Moumou had thought that the detention center was the " home " that she was looking for !

" 不是一个人在战斗(诈骗)! " Zhao Moumou " is not fighting alone (fraud)! "

" ,如今同堂受审的,又是怎样的一些人呢? What kind of people were he who cooperated with him and made a fortune together? Now they are being tried in the same room.

宋利军 编辑:王瑾) (Author: Ankang Railway Transport Procuratorate Song Lijun editor: Wang Jin)

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