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Prosecutors plan family meeting, parents heartily call prodigal son to turn back

Release time: December 03, 2019

"Dad, I know I'm wrong. I must make good changes. I will be filial to you when I come out. I will listen to you and your mother so that you will never worry about me again ..." "Grandpa, you must be on your way back Pay attention to safety ... "The words of shame, regret, self-blame, and guilt turned into tears and wetted the jacket.

2019 11 28 日在靖边县看守所的讯问室, 14 岁的小琦(化名)与父亲、爷爷在检察院安排的亲情会见中发生的令人动容的一幕。 This is a moving scene in the interrogation room arranged by the 14 -year-old Xiaoqi (pseudonym) with his father and grandfather in the interrogation room of Jingbian County Detention Center on November 28 , 2019 .

During the meeting, Xiaoqi told his family about his life and study in the detention center, and stated that he would definitely change the past, abide by the supervision rules, and study actively. In the future, he will never do anything that touches the bottom line of the law. At the end of the meeting, Xiaoqi looked at the loved ones in tears with tears, and the feeling of hardship renewed.

Recently, the Juvenile Criminal Procuratorate of the Hengshan District People's Procuratorate of Yulin City investigated the juvenile crime cases handled in recent years and found that after the juvenile took to the road of crime and was detained, it was prone to negative emotions such as pessimism and disappointment. Promote and rescue detained minors involved in crime and eliminate their negative emotions to improve the effectiveness of education. The People's Procuratorate of Hengshan District, based on the physical and mental characteristics of minors, starts from the judicial concept of emphasis on salvation and protection, gives full play to subjective initiative, and implements family meetings in accordance with law The system arranged this special family meeting.

This special way of meeting, through pro-emotionalization, better educate and guide minors involved in crimes to reflect on their behavior, regain confidence in life, and protect and rescue minors involved in crimes to the greatest extent. At the same time, it also reshapes the parents' legal concepts and education methods, so that parents can improve their legal awareness and comprehensive quality, better help minors involved in crimes integrate into society, and build a "green channel" for minors to return to society ".

"Many of the children who lost their feet were provoked, saved, and returned to the right track of life in the family meeting. But compared to family meetings, we hope that the children in the detention center will no longer appear and the painful scenes will no longer appear." . The prosecutor of the Minor Criminal Prosecutor's Office at the hospital said with emotion.

Since this year, the People's Procuratorate of Hengshan District of Yulin City has seriously implemented the principles of "education, probation and salvation" and the principle of "education-oriented and punishment-assisted", adheres to human-based law enforcement, and uses juvenile delinquency to make minors involved in crimes. People ’s parents understand the child ’s recent situation, reduce their parents ’concerns and pressure, and more importantly use the power of affection to let offenders offload their psychological burdens, change their minds, and rehabilitate. At the same time, it also highlights the humanities that pay equal attention to the legal situation of the procuratorial organs. care.

杨蓉蓉 编辑:王瑾) (Author: Hengshan District, Yulin City People's Procuratorate Yang Rongrong Editor: Wang Jin)

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