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From Tibet to Xi'an, chasing legal dreams

Release time: October 08, 2019

9月初,我从西藏阿里地区检察院来到了千里之外的陕西省西安市长安区人民检察院挂职锻炼。 At the beginning of September 2019 , I went to the People's Procuratorate of Chang'an District, Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, thousands of miles away from the Procuratorate of Ali District of Tibet to work on duty. This distant distance is only for the legal dream I love in my heart.

As soon as I arrived in Xi'an, I encountered a continuous cloud of rain. The rain continued for two weeks. The rain on that day continued to fall, and the court trial that day opened on such rainy days ...

917 9:00中雨 震撼 September 17 , 2019 at 9:00 am

This is my first trial with Prosecutor Guo. I am very excited. There are only a few types of cases in the Ali area, and there is always a little regret that "the hero is useless." Today I am eager to try and feel the "shock" scene.

When I walked into the criminal trial hall on the first floor of the Chang'an District Court, I was really shocked! Seeing the big national emblem from afar, that kind of solemnity came upon me. 名辩护人,和台下一排17名的被告人及他们身后一排威武肃立的法警,台下还坐着几十位到场的家属以及对本案关注的旁听者,我有些莫名的紧张起来。 After we were seated, we looked at the sign of the public prosecutor in front of us, and then we saw 21 defenders on the opposite side of the bench, and 17 defendants in the row below the stage and a row of mighty police officers behind them. The ten family members present and the observers who were concerned about the case, I was inexplicably nervous.

庭审开始 At 9:30 the trial begins     Moderate rain    admire

At the beginning of the trial, I was so anxious that I didn't know how to sit. Turning around to see the calm and calm Prosecutor Guo, calm down. Enter the court investigation phase. Prosecutor Guo had given me this rare opportunity to read the indictment, but my heart beat too fast, and I refused even if I was afraid of making mistakes. Listening to him loudly after reading the indictment, I heartily admire it. Behind this indictment is actually the power of state prosecution. 点。 Subsequently, the two sides of the prosecution and disagreement disagreed on the qualitative nature of the case. Prosecutor Guo verified the details of the case and interrogated, refuted the views of the defender, and the morning trial continued until 12 o'clock.

At noon, it was raining all the time. We had a quick meal outside the court, returned to the office, took a short break, and began to prepare for the afternoon trial.

00举证质证 2:00 pm Evidence cross-examination    Light rain     objective and fair

At the proof and cross-examination stage, Prosecutor Guo produced evidence of the facts of the case one by one. For each set of evidence, the defense desk had lawyers to raise objections. This is very rare in the Ali area where I work. In contrast, I find that here, the defender's defense rights are more fully protected, and of course this also places higher demands on the prosecutor. The trial debate became extremely fierce, and some of the defenders' opinions made me incredible. I was even a little angry. After the trial, he communicated with Prosecutor Guo, but he said: "The defense is to let our public prosecutors reduce mistakes and ensure that the facts of the case are presented objectively and fairly." I suddenly realized that this is growth! Let me see the significance of the trial.

30分,法庭辩论 理性与感性 7:30 p.m., court debate Rational and emotional

Entering the debate stage, Prosecutor Guo issued public prosecution opinions from six aspects, including crime composition, social harm, sentencing circumstances, and warning education significance. In response to the defense views of multiple defenders on the counts and some facts, the teacher started from the evidence and from various angles, vigorously carried out fierce refutation one by one, explaining the one-sidedness and qualitative errors of the other party's applicable evidence, further confirming the legal basis for the prosecution authorities to determine the facts , Fully demonstrated the national public prosecutor's objective, fair and accurate application of law. I am deeply touched by the inexhaustible expressions. The prosecutor is responsible for prosecuting crimes. He is rational, he must speak with evidence, he is emotional, and he must educate and rescue these wrongdoers from the perspective of the public. . In the end, the defendant's statement expressed his confession and guilt, and he accepted the warning and education opinions of the public prosecutor. During this period, several defendants could not weep.

,小雨 庭审结束 At 9:30 pm , Xiao Yu's trial is over    reward

When I left the court, I looked up at the sky, and the clouds apparently cleared away a lot. It will probably not be so heavy tomorrow. At this moment, there are very few people on Chang'an Road, and the car is driving fast, so it is probably to rush home. Back in the dormitory, my mind was full of court trials for a day, which made it difficult for me to fall asleep.

Today ’s trial gave me blessings from the gas field. Later court trials and this comparison are small scenes. Today ’s trial has taught me how important legal thinking is. As a prosecutor, I must always hold evidence when handling a case. At the same time, I have improved my comprehensive thinking ability, court trial response skills, and other skills; today's court trial has also accumulated experience for me to return to the Ali area.

I like it here. I like this Chang'an Procuratorate, which is full of honors and makes me feel the power of law more truly.

郭向宏杨伟光 编辑:祝长英) (Author: Chang'an District of Xi'an People's Procuratorate Guoxiang Hong Yang Weiguang Editor: Zhu Changying)

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