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Trial in the farmhouse

Release time: July 25, 2019

After the rain, Chang'an, the air was full of sweetness, prosecutors, judges, and lawyers visited this small farmhouse under Du Ling.

"Uncle Liu, open the door" Prosecutor Guo slammed the door.

After a long time, the door opened. The younger he was the suspect in the case. The story starts from that hot summer.

In the summer of that year, the hot sun was scorching the ground. Uncle Liu harvested wheat under the scorching sun, but because of the boundary of wheat, he had a dispute with Uncle Zhang in the same village. The two then slammed together, eventually causing Uncle Zhang to be slightly injured.

After the case was transferred to the prosecutor's office, Prosecutor Guo learned that the suspect in the case, Uncle Liu, was old and inconvenient, so he took the clerk to his house for interrogation. Later, after the case was transferred to the court, the judge and prosecutor thought that it was not appropriate to let the criminal suspect, Uncle Liu, come to the court's trial hall, so he came here again today to conduct a trial in this humble home. A shaky table and a few small stools formed a simple criminal court, and this case of intentional injury began here.

Although the trial scene was special, it was strictly performed in accordance with legal procedures. The trial process lasted for more than an hour. Prosecutors interrogated, provided evidence, and debated the case in order. The entire trial activity was conducted in an orderly and smooth manner to ensure the adjudication. The result is fair.

The special trial set up in the defendant's home is a reflection of the humanistic care of the parties in the handling of the case by the procuratorial organs, as well as the implementation of the humanized way of handling cases in specific cases while the procuratorial organs punish crimes in accordance with the law. It turns out that serious laws can also make people feel so warm.

(Author: Chang'an District of Xi'an People's Procuratorate Lijie Nan Ma Nan Editor: Zhu Changying)

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